What IS Eveoganda anyway?

In response (sorta) to Freebooted's request for a re-introduction of the Blog Pack blogs, I write the following.   I have no idea what Eveoganda is.  Oh sure, it is a blog, I know that.  Mostly because it is hosted on Blogger, so that's a pretty big clue.  I also know it is about Eve.  That one is pretty darn obvious as well.  When I started writing a few months back it was mostly to talk about some of the fan art I had created, mostly as the self-appointed Propaganda Minister of LFA.  Things have changed since then.

Oh I'm still gonna talk about Eve related art.  But I get bored quickly.  And since I write this blog mostly to amuse myself first, and hopefully entertain any readers that may be reading in the process, not getting bored is very important.  So I've slowly started spreading the 'ol wings and seeing what happens.  I've written a piece of Eve fiction which I had no plans on doing until I did it.  I started a Eve Comic Strip for no apparent rational reason, and while I may live to regret it, I plan on continuing it.  I even wrote a poem the other day to the Manticore.  Hopefully anyone reading is starting to get a sense of my often strange sense of humor... the Manticore poem cracks me up every time I read it.

And I've even started talking more about my experiences in Eve, my characters and what they are up to.  I expect this will continue.  I've even managed to talk Eve politics, both in-game and out, as well as start a few fires that have spread around the Eve blogger community.  I promise you, those will continue as well.  I can't keep my mouth shut.  People a few seconds away from beating me up have always told me that about myself.

So, what IS Eveoganda?  I guess the best way to describe it is... well, it's kinda like a magazine.  The kind of magazine that you have no idea what you'll be reading about when you pick it up, one article at a time, a weird sorta place to stop on your interweb travels, that hopefully puts a smile on your face, gets you thinking, or shaking your head, or maybe even laughing - either with me or at me, either one is fine.  I don't know what will happen next.  I'm making this stuff up as I go along.

But, like all journeys, it is always better to travel with friends.  So I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I enjoy driving. (Awww)

Now keep it down back there or I will pull this blog over!!  Don't think I won't!!


  1. Looking forward to many more articles from this watchamaycallit magazine! :p


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