Covert Operations

For a short while at the end of last Summer, I served as the Covert Operations Director for LFA.  My acceptance of the position came at what would become a difficult time, once again I would prove the old axiom that RJ's timing stinks!  It turned out that only a few short weeks later my Corp decided to leave LFA.  So I found a replacement and started focusing on helping the Corp move.

It wasn't an easy decision for me.  I was torn between trying to establish a long-term relationship with a Corp and the loyalty I felt to the Alliance itself.  That dichotomy between Corp and Alliance loyalty would rule my Eve life until a month ago when I finally decided to break free from both.  Regardless of all that, Covert Operations was something that we needed in the Alliance.  Several attempts had been made to organize and coordinate Covet Ops but they had met with limited success.  Several of us had formed a channel and we had been running operations over the Summer.  These operations mainly consisted of scouting deep into enemy territory and finding enemy POS installations.

My Manticore and I logged millions of light-years of travel during that time and managed to scout out virtually every POS in Catch and Immensea.  My work during that time was one of the main reasons I was asked to assume the Director's role.  But I also needed to recruit and get people excited about helping with Covert Ops.  It is an important part of any Alliance's operations, but it isn't as glamorous as being in a Sniper or RR BS fleet.  So I created the following poster for the forum to raise awareness and help get pilots committed.

Click HERE to see the full-size version

And yes, the usual amount of humor is being generously applied.


  1. Nice poster!! Agreed that covert recon operations are some of the most boring and under-appreciated things one can do. Indeed, if they are exciting, you're doing it wrong. :-)

  2. Yeah, not to say you don't find yourself in some exciting situations from time to time.


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