A Brief History of the In-Game Memorial

The Fallen Capsuleer Memorial
A concept I created back in March, 2013

Yesterday a Reddit thread went up on the Eve Sub-Forum from Aelonius regarding the idea of an in-game memorial to the real life players that have left us. Since much of the Eve community is always in transition, many of you may not be aware that I've been advocating for such a memorial for almost four years now.

In the wake of Sean Smith's tragic death in Bengazi I began thinking about the passing of time. It wasn't just Sean's death that inspired me, that year had been a tough one all around as several players I knew had left us. But Sean was a special case in many ways, mostly due to the fact that it was so senseless and public. But Eve is getting on in years and as we've all seen, as Eve gets older so does the player base. In the last year alone I've lost a half-dozen friends that I know about. 

So in September of 2012 I posted an idea on the forums and here on Eveoganda regarding an in-game memorial I called the "Ring of Fire", which would be created on the opposite side of New Eden from the Eve Gate. The memorial was always intended to be a way to honor all fallen capsuleers in a way that would be appropriate to the setting. If we are all immortal in-game, it doesn't mean that we all live forever. I wrote a lot of posts about it and the idea gained a tremendous amount of support around the community. I created several videos, wallpapers, and other material. I even appeared on a few Podcasts to promote the concept. The idea, as always, was to get the community and CCP thinking about the idea.

And then, in early 2014, CCP went and built the Player Memorial in Iceland. I'd like to think that two years of talking about a player memorial had something to do with that decision, and I have reason to believe it did, but either way we finally had a memorial.  Except not really.  The memorial in Iceland is incredible, and I've been there and found my own character name among the etchings, but it isn't the same thing. The memorial in Iceland is a testament to the players at the time it was built, but it is not a memorial to the fallen.

I still believe that an in-game memorial would be a welcome addition to New Eden and fit within the established lore. And yesterday we got the first indication from CCP Falcon that CCP is also thinking along these lines.

"This is actually something that I've been discussing for a while with both our dev and art team, and most recently I chatted with CCP Jorg, our Art Director about it.
I'm fully aware of how important paying respects for lost pilots is, I've been through that myself with a corp member who passed away when I was a player running my own corporation. It's incredibly painful and on a personal note I'd like there to be a single focal point in New Eden where pilots can go to pay their respects.
The idea that I pitched to our art team at the start of this year was a memorial site that acts as "The Tomb Of The Unknown Capsuleer", basically a monument in space that would be player designed, would have a deadspace area with decoration around it, and that would have a permanent honor guard of:
2x Marshal
2x Apocalypse Imperial Issue
2x Raven State Issue
2x Megathron Federate Issue
2x Tempest Fleet Issue
Obviously it's something that still needs a little more discussion, and scoping of the bandwidth that's needed, but it's certainly something that we'd like to do."
I reached out to Falcon yesterday and he not only confirmed this information, he also indicated that this might happen sooner rather than later. I volunteered my services to the concept, if there is anything at all that I can do to help. Which is one reason why I've written this post today.

I'd like nothing more than to see this happen. And it finally looks like it might.

CSM Thoughts

Poor Steve. I feel for you buddy. Stuck on the CSM as the lonely non-aligned and beholden member of the newly elected representative body. To be fair, I'm being a little unfair. No one believes Nashh is actually a PL aligned player, his heart is in Low Sec and probably always will be. But Nashh has moved on to other things these days and I get why he slid over under that banner. It seems to have worked for him and I wish him well, as always. I hope he doesn't forget us. As for the rest, The Judge, Mr Hyde, and Gorski can be relied upon to remember their roots I believe. It still would have been good to have a new non-aligned representative on the CSM this year. We are gonna miss Mike.

Every year I spin my web of puppet strings to make that happen behind-the-scenes and this year I fell short in my machinations. A combination of real life distractions and extremely low voter turn out combined to defeat my ebil plans. For the first time I actually had a public candidate to get on the student council and he didn't make it. This is the first time a candidate I really wanted to get on, hasn't gotten on. Sorry Joffy, but we shall try again next year my friend.

So all of this brings up some points I'd like to make in regards to the CSM. And some reforms I'd like to advocate for next year.

A) Every candidate for CSM needs to declare their PRIMARY area of play within the game. High-Sec, Low-Sec, WH, or Null.

B) Only three players from each of those areas can be elected to the CSM. Except for the 2 highest vote getters, who (no matter their PRIMARY) get permanent seats. That makes 14 CSM members.

This ensures that each area of space gets represented on the Council and that those that are supported more than others get permanent seats. Whoever brings the votes will get a slight advantage. As is only fair. Granted, the way things work in Eve, most players bring expertise in more than one area of space. Take myself for example, I've played in every area of space. While I certainly lean towards Low-Sec these days, my personal experience encompasses all of Eve. I certainly admit to a very strong LS bias, but that bias is a positive one and not negative towards any other area. Which is why I'd make such a great CSM member.

In addition CCP needs to help bring the election to the game itself. An active and participatory player base is good for everyone. So I'd like to see more log-in screen support, in-game notifications, billboard and hangar ads, etc., next year.

We all know why Null Sec dominates the CSM every year even though they constitute such a small percentage of the player base. It's like Donald Trump. There is only one Donald Trump, but he gets all the news. It is time to make some CSM reforms to ensure the Council better reflects the player-base. And if voters are not going to do it, then we should do it for them.

My fingers are crossed for CSM11. Please don't make things worse.

Citadel Day

In CCP's on-going attempt to implement every single idea I've ever had into the game, today marks the launch of the Citadel expansion. Today begins the era of player built stations which will soon see the end of POS structures by this time next year. Soon space will be littered with Citadels around every corner.  What this means for the future of game-play inside of New Eden remains to be seen, but certainly it is the dawn of a new age of increasing player control.

You didn't know this was all my idea? Well it sorta is. You see, six years ago I wrote a series of posts about a new concept I called "Battle POS", which essentially boiled down to the next evolutionary stage in the old concept. Customized, module-based, built by players, formidable weapons, and transportable. In other words, a Citadel. This is just another example of CCP taking my Gooder Eve posts, changing them about a bit, and then making them happen. Which is a pretty smart plan on thier part. (I'm half-joking here by the way, but still it is amazing how many of those posts are coming true.)

I'm just getting caught up on all the news out of Fanfest. Moving your family during FF week is not a good time for keeping up with news. A few things struck me. First was just how Null-Centric this FF was. Not a lot of things for the 85% of us that don't play in Null. Second was the lack of any further details on the longer-range plans along the roadmap. At last year's FF we had a pretty good idea about Citadels already on the horizon and many of the other things that have come to pass. I thought this year we'd hear a little more about player-built Stargates and new space. That is something that has been hinted at for a long time. I know this Citadel expansion has been a beast for the Devs and I certainly appreciate the effort. But some teasing would have been nice. Its great to see our vague line on the roadmap, but a few more large themes would be appreciated.

I was also seriously bummed about how the CSM elections turned out. Not only did my candidate Joffy not get elected, but a resounding majority of Null Sec candidates did. This is a huge concern for the majority of Eve players. A low voter turnout always hurts the non-aligned candidates, we've seen that happen in previously low turn-out years. Hopefully this CSM doesn't turn out to be as horrible as other null-centric councils have in the past. But if they do, it will help us generate more voter participation next year. It always does.

Just some quick thoughts today. I'm about a week away from getting back to a normal schedule again. So enjoy the expansion and I hope to see you in space again soon.

Stay Frosty.

There is a good interview with CCP Seagull in which she talks more about the road ahead.


The following post is about real life issues and is an adult conversation regarding those issues. I respect the fact that some readers may be bored, so please feel free to move along. I'll have actual Eve posts again here shortly. Thanks.

One of the funniest "hater" comments I run into around the neighborhood, usually on TMC or Reddit, is the accusation that I've made horribly bad life choices. If only I had made better decisions, my problems would be solved and life would be so much better for me and my family. On the surface this accusation bears a striking resemblance to truth. I mean, obviously, good decisions are better than bad ones. Right? Of course they are.

Most intelligent and thoughtful people strive to make good and well-considered decisions. I don't know anyone who purposefully sets out to make bad ones. Even though I know plenty of people who seem to keep making the same bad decisions, even they are usually well-intentioned. As you get older and live life you begin to understand that decisions are not an isolated point in time, but rather a tree that branches off in thousands of expected and unexpected places. Let me use an example. My first marriage was, by all accounts, a horrible and devastating monster that has consumed a large chunk of my life. It would be easy to say it was a bad decision. And in many ways it obviously was. I freely admit that. In hindsight. But that marriage also gave me my Son, who I love more than anything. That marriage also instilled in me a determination and confidence in myself that resulted in some incredible career milestones, achievements, and opportunities that I might not otherwise have had. And while it became a horrible marriage, it didn't start out that way.

More than anything that bad marriage brought me to a place where I met my current wife, who happens to be my soul mate. So was it really a bad thing that it happened? It is a rather complicated question without any real answer. Because it is real life and real life is not a series of binary decisions one after the other. Life is messy, complicated, convoluted and impossible to predict. Not just my life, but yours as well.

Recently my friends and family gave me a chance to change the course of my life a tiny bit in a new direction. And for that chance I am eternally grateful. I want to take a moment and bring you up to date on how that is going and what your help meant to us.

Until only a few short months ago our hands were tied when it came to our largest asset, our home. We could do nothing with it except struggle to keep it. If we lost it along the way, it would be gone forever. And along with it a huge investment. This is because it was protected by the bankruptcy that followed the closing of my business. And while that was a good thing in many ways, it also meant that our credit sucked serious ass. Worse, no banks or financial institutions could even discuss re-financing or re-structuring with us until THREE YEARS had passed. A milestone that just passed in January.

We worked like maniacs since February to try various options. It quickly became apparent that re-financing the current home would not be an option for us. So we began looking at other options. Eventually a very small window of opportunity presented itself and we made the decision to take advantage of it. By the narrowest of margins we were able to secure a new home (new to us) that was half the size of the current one and less of a burden on our wallets. This made financial sense. Luckily my wife's Father was able to help us along the way as well, which proved to be the final help we needed. Now, for a short period of time, we have two homes. It is critical that the old home sell as soon as possible. If it does, and if it brings a good price, our problems may be solved. It is a chance. A very slight chance, but its the best one we've had in a very long time.

For the past two months we've been eliminating extra crap from our lives. Throwing away over 3 metric tons of crap. Selling assets. Donating goods to charity. Down-sizing once again. For the past two weeks we've been closing on the new house and preparing the old one. We rented our own truck. We moved our own home. Ourselves. My Son and his wife came to help. It took three trips in the truck because we could only afford to have it for two days. And about 30 trips in our cars, but we are finally moved in. Now the old house needs prepared for sale. And this I have to do on my own.

I am cleaning and fixing and preparing a huge house for sale, all last weekend, every night this week and probably all next weekend to get it ready to go on the market. I am literally scrubbing, crawling, and cleaning every square inch. It has become an almost religious cleansing experience for me. The scrubbing away of an old life and the washing away of past sins. All with the knowledge that this is my chance. If things go well this could change everything.

We succeeded in keeping the house. Many times we didn't think we would. Most months it was a supreme challenge. Along the way we often needed help just to keep it. It was a huge burden, a massive source of overwhelming depression and we are almost free of it. It is a mess and selling it will be challenging. But I am determined to get it into shape as best I can. To give us the best chance we have to succeed.

By keeping the wolves at bay for the moment, this is the chance that you gave us.

It was not a spurious thing asking for help. And it wasn't something taken lightly. I want you to know that we are all thankful, and working our asses off every day to make the most of it. The house should go on the market next week. And hopefully we can find a buyer quickly. If it works out the way we hope, this could help us close some important chapters in our life.

Either way, we are moving on to face the future. And a big part of that opportunity is because of the Eve community. And that is something we will never forget.

Help Build Creator Studio

My good friend t'amber needs our help. For the past three years Project Jeremy has been the backbone of thousands and thousands of Eve related art, banners, wallpapers and videos across the entire community. If you are un-familiar with this amazing tool, it is a browser based 3d rendering tool that you can use to create spaceships from Eve. Custom painting, full rotation, lighting, etc. I personally use it all the time! And I know many others do as well.

T'amber has big plans for Jeremy, which is now going to be called Creator Studio, and with the support of Eve_NT looks to build an even more amazing tool-set going forward. Including ANIMATION!!!! Imagine a browser based full 3d animation solution for Eve! If that doesn't get you excited about the possibilities for Eve video productions and opportunities, then I don't know what would. Aging, custom skins, the list of tools is incredible. And with the support of CCP, Eve_NT and me yelling at him every day, I know he can make it happen.

But he needs our help. Like most of us, he isn't a trust-fund baby or independently wealthy, and Creator Studio is going to not only require hardware, but a serious time-commitment to realize. So please take a moment, dig deep, and consider supporting this important project.

I did already. And we all know I'm borderline homeless.

More about Creator Studio HERE.

UPDATED: Here is the new working contributions page!

Calling you Eve community. Let's come together and help make this happen. Thanks.

Fire Water Burn

I was planning on creating my first Eve Parody song today. It was my Wife's idea and it is a good one. The song is perfect and it has a great attitude. I spent a few days tinkering with lyrics and managed to match them up almost perfectly. All that was left was to find the time to record in the middle of our insane packing, moving, and other insanity this week. The only problem? God I suck at singing. Its not even singing, cause I can kinda fake sing ok. Its sing talking, and I can't do that. Not even a little. I thought I might be able to get away with it, because let's be honest here, the singing in the song itself is rather bad. Nope. I suck. And my devotion to quality, not always perfection, won't allow me to release anything that horrible.

So, if anyone else wants to give this a shot I'm giving the whole thing away for free. Here is the original song.

And here are the Parody lyrics:

Deklein, Deklein, Deklein is on fire,
Deklein, Deklein, Deklein is on fire,
Deklein, Deklein, Deklein is on fire,
We don't need no reps let the motherfucker burn,
Burn motherfucker burn.

Hello my name is The Mittani and I'm a dumb white goon,
I'm not bitter or newb but middle ground trust fund like eve tycoon,
I don't know you if y'all pilots be buggin' give cynos to scion cause he’s all fly,
But I can fake the heat meet I'm the other white fleet known as ‘Goonswarm Pride’,
Yeah I'm stung like Jita Burns gotta leak with a yellow spine,
But if I crashed and burned oh I would start to really cry and whine,
Cause I kind of hate fly’n solo always stroking my own kittens,
I'm the root of all that's evil yeah but you can call me Mittens,
Deklein, Deklein, Deklein is on fire,
Deklein, Deklein, Deklein is on fire,
Deklein, Deklein, Deklein is on fire,
We don't need no reps let the motherfucker burn,
Burn motherfucker burn.

Yo yo this warp-stab null-sec goonster image takes a lot of practice,
I'm not bad like Gev Goblin no I am white like Sabre A is,
So if scion is five and xander is six than that must make me…one,
This honkey's gone to Wisconsin,
But if I go to hell then I hope I burn well,
I'll spend my days with RMT, Being Gay, Docking Bay, and Scion’s Johnson,
And Laz, Giggix, Waffe, Goon Goon and Sir Molle’s creepy poltergeist,
And Manifest yeah CCP Manifest cause he's the anti-christ,
Deklein, Deklein, Deklein is on fire,
Deklein, Deklein, Deklein is on fire,
Deklein, Deklein, Deklein is on fire,
We don't need no reps let the motherfucker burn,
Burn motherfucker burn.

Kickstarter here we go,
Ohh Ohh,
C'mon goonwaffe,
Ohh Ohh,
Throw your iskies in the air,
Ohh Ohh,
C'mon goonwaffe,
Ohh Ohh,
Fly 'em like you just don't care,
Ohh Ohh,
C'mon goonwaffe,
Ohh Ohh,
Everbody say no,
Ohh Ohh,
C'mon goonwaffe,
Ohh Ohh,
Kickstarter here we go.

If you do anything with this let me know and I'll post it and promote it here and other places.

The Exact Moment

This is the exact moment when it became about more than a game. When it became impossible for anyone to defend, or excuse, or apologize. When a line had been crossed that couldn't be un-crossed. This is the exact moment. There is no confusion about this. This person was the Chairman of the CSM at the time. Those in attendance were witnessing a train wreck and the exposure of what, up until that exact moment, had only been conjecture. A nerve was exposed. A glimpse at the true nature of a person that had been fortunate and lucky enough to be responsible for a large percentage of dedicated players.

Any remaining apologists out there need to reconcile this moment in their minds. I cannot. I will not.

The litany of moments since then is a long one. And depending on your perspective the contents of the list will vary. But whatever your perspective it all comes down to this exact moment. And only you can decide what it means for you. I decided. And I have not regretted that decision a single day since that day. Have you?

500 Hats

Tweetfleet 500 Hats
4k Wallpaper, click for download
I made the very first Tweetfleet hat on June 21st, 2011, almost five years ago now. Since then I've created well over 500 of them for my fellow Tweetfleet community members. I can't be accurate as to the exact number because I believe I lost a few dozen when my computer died back in the Fall. Additionally, along the way I created a bunch for real life photos, cartoon characters, and other silly things. But I went with the 500 number because the folder I keep all the hats in now has 500 items in it. So that's good enough for me.

I never intended for this to be a "thing". But I will be the first to admit that when I put a hat on my own Avatar that first day, I knew I had created something very bizarre, special and different. There is undeniably something magical about seeing an Eve Avatar with a hat. I can't explain it. But I know it is real. Good thing I don't need to explain it, I just know it's real. Every hat I create is done out of love for Eve and our great community. Every single one. Enemies, friends, mates, pirates, miners, hi-sec gankers, CCP employees, every hat was thought out, considered and lovingly crafted. If any haters want to jump on me for using the word "love" in conjunction with Eve, then go ahead. I'm not going to apologize for it. I love my work. I always have.

I also admit to a touch of melancholy when I look at some of these. Many of these people are no longer players, or no longer work at CCP, or no longer blog, or are missing from our community. Time marches on I suppose. But I miss them all.

I remember making every single hat. I plan on making a video as soon as we finish moving into our new home next week. But more on that in another post.

Until then, the Haberdashery remains open for business.

Win Conditions

For all the talk you hear around the Eve community about how much like real wars "Eve Wars" can be, and they do share many similarities, there is one major problem with these kind of analogies. Inside of New Eden people just don't die. As we all know, out here in the real world, when you kill your enemy they tend to stay dead. At least individually. Put enough of those individuals together and sooner or later all the enemies are kaputski. Or the rest lose the will to fight. Or they move to Europe.

I fought two wars on the side of CVA in Providence and one war against CVA in Providence with Co2 back in the day. In all of those cases the losers did the exact same thing, they consolidated and moved their forces and assets into Low Sec and waited. Every single time I heard the winners say the same thing, "Well that's the end of CVA." Or, "I doubt -A- can recover from that loss." And those people were wrong every time. If there is any Alliance in this game that SHOULD be dead by now, it is CVA. And yet, there they are. Still around.

There is a lot of yelling about "win conditions" in the current war. Mostly from the imperium's side. As if those aggressing OWE them an explanation of their intentions. I find this mildly amusing. Talk to anyone higher up in the GSF ranks long enough and you begin to realize just how warped their perspective has become. It is as if they expect, or demand, that the rest of Eve act the way they do. "Where is your leader!!?" they often shout. "Where are your win conditions!!" they often demand. As if all of us out here in the rest of New Eden couldn't possibly operate without some pimple faced trust-fund maniac yelling orders at us. I get it. Reality is what you become used to. I don't blame anyone here.

As I've said many times before. (And I grow tired of saying it) I am not Anti-Goon. What I am against is giant blue donuts. I was just as opposed to that giant blue northern NCdot donut as I am the one built by The Imporium. I prefer chaos. I prefer action, wars, fighting, and lots and lots of red standings. (As we can all see from the last few weeks, Eve is much more exciting when we all fight each other!)  But that's me. Others on the side of the MBC are not as kind. There are those that want to see the whole shebang eat the dust of time. That's because we don't have a single leader shouting at us or leaking EULA breaking emails. We are not a cohesive unit. Heck, most of us refuse to set each other blue - even when we are in the same fleet!

This isn't a Coalition. This is a movement.

This has become a War of Eradication. A war whose win conditions vary from Alliance to Alliance. But generally speaking they amount to an effective dissolution of the word "The Imperium" and a removal of it as a thing. If The Imperium holds no Sov it is no longer The Imperium. Certainly the GSF will survive and run off to Low Sec to bide their time. What happens after that is anyone's guess. Can they hold together? Will the loyalists hang on, but log-out? Will there be those inside the MBC who will continue to hunt them and persecute the War long after it is effectively over? I have no idea.

Only time will tell. I suspect GSF will survive, just like CVA did. Smaller. Less influential for a time. Slowly bidding their time until they can strike back. Because this is Eve. And in Eve you can't really kill anyone. Only they can do that. By becoming bored. By logging off. Or by quitting.

Or by setting themselves up to get banned so they can blame CCP for it.

Either way, wars in Eve never end. And it is foolish to think they do.

Far Side of Mittens

Sincere apologies to Gary Larson.

Sion is spelled Scion here, the "C" is for "Community".

We all need to laugh more. This is Eve. Stop being so serious, relax, have fun and enjoy it while it lasts. I hope these help. If not, I can always make more.

That's How We Know You F**ked Up!

NSFW (most likely) It has the F Word in it, a lot.

Not only is this yet another great parody song from the immensely talented Sindel Pellion, which it is and you should listen and share it a gazillion times, it is also a great story about determination. I've known Sindel for a long time and we've worked together on projects (like "Eve: Dumb Ways to Die") and I've always tried to support her community projects (like The Angel Project), because she is a good egg and, well, that's what we do out here in the non-existent community. So it was no surprise back in December of last year when she told me she wanted to do another parody song coming off of the "community" and "charlatan" bruhaha following the KS failure.

I want to be clear. I'm not taking any credit for anything here, this is all her. But I do try to be a sounding board, not only for Sindel, but for anyone that wants a sounding board. I enjoy helping people. We discussed several potential ideas and eventually she landed on this song, which frankly was the perfect song. In another stroke of pure genius she wanted as many members of the community to participate as possible. I've written my fair share of songs and jingles over the years, but I have no illusions as to my own singing ability. (Despite what happens when I'm alone in my car!) But I was happy to contribute and I recorded my part back in mid-December.

As great as the song would have been back in December, it is that much better now. Who knew things would turn out the way they did? (>cough<) What I'm getting at, and what I want to give full credit to, is not giving up. I don't know the full story, but I do know she had challenges along the way. Like losing a ton of work on this at least once, if not more than once. And, like a lot of us, real life challenges along the way. And she stuck with it and never gave up.  And that is a testament to her tenacity and her genius. And something I believe is worthy of a shout-out.

A lot of talented people make Eve parody songs, and they are all fun and many of them are brilliant. I enjoy them all. But Sindel's always manage to rise above simply because of that tenacity and dedication.

So thanks Sindel. You are one-of-a-kind. And our community, which is a real, tangible, and powerful thing, is lucky to have you around.

Thanks for saving my "doot doots" :)

For more, Sindel has her own post up about the song now.

Fun with Comics

With sincere apologies to Gary Larson, Bill Watterson and Berke Breathed, you guys are my heroes!

Concord Historical Society

Courtesy of the CHS

I was flipping thru Concord's Archival photo library the other day and came across this old historical photograph from the olden days. A long time ago in New Eden there was this group of people that called themselves the Imperium. They didn't last long and from the looks of it their last days were kinda rough. That fella in the front was called Mittens, cause of his tiny little hands. We believe he may have been the fella in charge of a portion of the Imperium called Goons, but little evidence survives to the present day. That large fella in the back is Scion. Originally he was named Sion, but the "C" was added at some point to represent "Charlatan" or "Community", we can't be sure which. The other gentleman is a mystery, but we think he was probably a spy.

History is fun.

World War Bee Movie Poster

World War Bee Movie Poster
Click to embiggen! Just like Mittani's head.

I'm a big fan of other people's work, and one of the designers I respect is Olly Moss who did these gorgeous Star Wars posters which are the inspiration for this World War Bee poster.  After I posted it over on Imgur, I got a lot of comments about the missing bees. So I went back and added some actual Bees flying out of Deklein. So there.

World War Bee Wallpaper

World War Bee Wallpaper
Click to download various sizes, including 4k!