Eviction Notice

I'm beginning to take this personally.  It seems that not a week after arriving back in Providence (and once again moving all my assets) that I am no longer welcome.  And neither is my new Corporation or the Alliance they belong to.  Of course... duh!  Like we didn't know that already.  I was just hoping it wouldn't happen so soon.  Let me get settled first.  Maybe?

They don't call 'em reds for nothing.  As Kirith reported on his blog this morning, every red -A- pet in Providence is rallied against us.  This isn't anything new of course, but it seems our Sunday fun at their expense was just the excuse they needed to ramp things up a bit.  It isn't the reason, they've been planning this for awhile, but they are moving into a couple of our systems in significant force.

This is all so familiar.  So here we go again.  This time I hope we will be able to put up a fight and not go out with a whimper like LFA.  I'd really hate to see that happen again.  Can a person even be expected to live through two of those in just a few short months?

I apologize for the brief post today, but I've got assets and ships to move around.

More soon, watch for updates.


  1. Best of luck in your fighting, can't say I'd be sorry to see CVA supporters kicked out again. There is always the lowsec to raid from.

  2. Thanks Logan. I wouldn't be sorry to see all the -A- pets kicked out either, so I guess we're even on that score.

  3. If the -A- pets promote small gang warfare and present another place a bit like Syndicate for smaller gang pvp and not massive lag inspiring super-blobs I am all for them, if not, then they are just as bad as CVA ever was.

    besides it's funny to see SF with Sov, when that's supposedly against their IC goals.

  4. That's just the thing, they don't. In fact, it was PXF's small gang warfare tactics against their precious pets that started this most recent turn of events. So what is the response? Massive super-cap fleets and sov warfare.


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