Famous Blob Pilot?

If you read yesterday's post then you saw some can-flipper call Rixx a "famous blob pilot" during our chat in local, after I defeated his can-flipping with Ana's Impel.  I admit this kinda, sorta hurt my feelings a bit.  If you were a pilot in Providence during the CVA/LFA days you'd understand.  We were always being labeled as "blobbers" like it was the worst thing in the universe.  As if we were the only ones showing up in force or something.  Believe me, having flown solo thru enemy space a million times, they are just as likely to blob as anyone.

Having said that, being involved with the Alliance since the beginning of my career, I did fly in gangs and fleets a lot.  It was necessary though.  There is very little solo work to be done in zero because no one, NO ONE, travels alone.  If a red seems to be alone, he isn't.  Engage him and find out for yourself, he'll have five buddies in cloaked sb waiting to alpha you, or a cyno will light up, or 15 BS on the other side of the gate will jump in.  Zero is not low-sec.

I admit there are a few "blob" kills on my killboard that I am not proud of, but much much less than most.  I generally avoided whoring kill mails, but sometimes they could not be avoided.  Like the time it took 138 of us to kill a Drake.  Although if you notice I was in my Falcon jamming things on that kill.  Like I said, I'm not exactly 'proud' of those types of kills, but I am also not ashamed of them either, they are sometimes necessary.  Or they just happen.  Not my fault some idiot warps directly into our gate camp.

So what is a Blob?  In my opinion a Blob is 20 or more ships engaged in killing a single ship.  I don't care who you are you can't survive that (usually).  But proving if something is a Blob or not is difficult from just a kill mail.  Just because a kill has 20+ pilots on it doesn't make it a Blob.  Most likely that was just one kill during a fleet action.  And since fleets generally involve 20 or more ships, you begin to see the problem.

I was curious, so I went through my kill mails and compiled the following statistics.

Solo Kills - 24  (5%)
Small Gang(2-5 pilots) - 53 (12%)
Large Gang(5-10 pilots) - 88 (19%)
Small Fleet(10-20 pilots) - 148 (32%)
Large Fleet(20+ pilots) - 150 (32%)

I have been in a lot of large fleets, but those numbers also include sov actions in which I was in fleets numbering over 400 ships.  In fairness I included those as well.  So I'm not sure this qualifies me as a "famous blob pilot" or not.  I suppose that would be up to the individual.  I certainly know many other pilots who are deserving of that title than myself, but I also know that depends on your perspective.  In the final analysis I don't care one way or the other.

I would like to have more solo kills.  But honestly, anymore it seems like anyone flying alone has warp core stabs on.  This has happened so many times lately, but that is the subject of another post.

PS: I am the first to admit when I am wrong.  As Logan pointed out in the comments, it is possible that he meant "famous BLOG pilot" and not "famous BLOB pilot".  Funny, I don't think of myself that way and the thought never even occurred to me.  Still, the post is valid either way so it stays up.


  1. tbh, I've always figured anybody disparaging "blobbing" is just blowing hot air. You would have to be a fool not to bring as much firepower as possible to any engagement. Aything less is inefficient killing. In your GC example, that is the point of having high numbers in the camp, i.e. to kill quickly and BPT engage the next idiot who jumps into it.

  2. I agree Latro, usually the one throwing stones is the most guilty.

    One of the coolest things I've seen was coming back from a POS bash with 30 sb when some idiot in a Rokh warped into us. Talk about Alpha, the poor guy exploded on one volley.

  3. I guess you are right Latro, Even STUGH brings as much as we can to bear in our fights, but there are definitely some entities where the blobbing is a bit more extreme.

    To me a real blobber is a group of people who will not engage with anything less than a tonnage and people advantage of 2 to 1 or more. If the fight is anywhere near close, they will refuse the engagement if possible, waiting for reenforcement or upship to the point of being silly, like 10 RR BS vs 7 frigates, then complain when the frigs do not engage.

    As a side note Rixx, maybe he meant "Famous blog pilot." As the two letters are close to each other :)

  4. lol Logan, you might be right! :) Funny the thought never even occurred to me.

    I agree with you as well, nothing more frustrating than people constantly running away until they get the odds overwhelmingly in their favor.

  5. He meant "Famous blob pilot", pretty sure about it

  6. I don't see how anybody could be a famous blob pilot -- it's a blob, they can't all be famous and one won't stand out from the others.

    When I read your last post I thought he probably meant 'famous blog pilot' but didn't say it because I figured it was so obvious.

    Anyway, he was a can flipper -- and not a very good one; who cares what he thinks?

  7. paritybit - true enough. and to be honest, when it comes to blobbing I'm sure there are others deserving of more fame than me.

    And just to be clear, I don't care what he thinks, but when you're a blogger, you'll take any theme ideas you can get. :)


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