Plan A

To everyone who has commented, emailed or convo'd me in the past few days, and to those pilots that expressed an interest in Lucifer's Hammer, thank you.  Angor and I appreciate each of you and all that you brought to the table.  It truly means a tremendous amount the level of support we've received.

As I've stated a few times now, this blog allows me the opportunity to reveal details regarding on-going efforts in our play of the game, that you might not be privy to otherwise.  It has only been a few short days since we started debating the merits of starting our own Corp, yet so much has happened in a short time.  One of the things that happened involves a Real Life issue that I won't share, but that became the final decision maker for us both.  It reinforced the knowledge that while Eve is fun and we enjoy playing, it can never be the kind of commitment for us that it would require in running our own Corp.  In the end that wouldn't be fair to our potential members and their enjoyment of the game.

Plan B just won't work.  So it's back to Plan A.  Lucifer's Hammer will continue to be the back-bone of our PvP character's adventures in Eve.  And we will continue looking for a place for our Mains to hang their hats.  LH will remain a two-man Corp with that sole mission.


  1. Sorry to hear about the corp decision, but I'll be the first to say that RL issues trump any gaming, hands down. If you cannot make the time commitment, it is far better for everyone to focus on what you can sustain. Good luck. Who knows. RL has a way of changing on us all. :-)

  2. Exactly my thoughts. It came down to simply a question of time and level of commitment. I've always been a person that doesn't like to do anything I can't do 110%, and with everything else going on... running a Corp wasn't going to fit.

    For now at least.


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