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I was having an interesting back and forth the other day over on 'Hands Off My Loots' (Which is one of my fav blogs, mostly cause he does stuff I don't do, which I find interesting.)  The point here is that he was talking about some rules he has about the way he approaches being a slimy no-good Ninja person.  I can respect people that have some rules, even if they are evil.  It got me to thinking.  I have rules that I follow.  These are my own concocted in-game rules that I generally try to follow. They aren't hard and fast rules, I'm not a role-player, so I have the ability to alter them if needed.  But generally I don't.


As such I play to have fun.  Otherwise I could be doing something else that I enjoy, like spending time with my family, riding my motorcycle, or a million other things.  Anytime that I've started to take Eve as something other than a game, is time that I've regretted.

Now, this doesn't mean that I don't take Eve seriously.  I think this is the part that some people have a problem with.  Eve can be both a game and something taken seriously at the same time.  I want to do well and excel at Eve, but I don't let that desire get in the way of having fun.  Which means I sometimes get bored and do stupid, but fun!, things.  Which sometimes end up getting me kilt, but also allow me to do, see and experience so many things I wouldn't otherwise have gotten to do, see and experience.


I don't go around shooting everyone that I encounter, I'm not a Pirate (not full-time anyway) and I usually only shoot people for a reason.  Having said that, if you shoot me I will shoot you back.  3 out of 4 times I will kill you.  Those are odds I can live with.

As much as I despise people that run from a fight, there are nuances involved.  I despise dying for no good reason even more than being a coward, so often "running away" can be a relative thing.  Only an idiot stands and fights when the odds are hopeless, this isn't an action hero movie you won't be rewarded for being brave.  (See Rule #1)  Sometimes it is better to live to fight on the other side of the gate, or at a Planet when someone follows you, or when the odds are slightly better, or whatever.  As General Patton said once when asked why he was retreating, "We're not retreating, we're advancing in a different direction."


When I am actively playing the game I am focused on playing the game.  I prefer to play the game with honor.  At least my character's idea of honor.  For example, if I destroy someone's ship in low-sec I don't believe in podding the pilot.  Unless we are at war with his Corporation, or we are in zero space, then podding is mandatory.  Otherwise not so much, not a big fan of podding honestly, if you check my killboard you'll see that.  I don't even like to whore on pod kill mails.
Believe me, I could easily have hundreds of additional "kills" on my KB if I believed in kmwhoring.

I NEVER talk to anyone in local, convo, chat, or anything else when we are fighting.  Nothing positive ever comes out of talking to the enemy, in fact, it can be very negative.  This also goes for ransom demands, I will never answer that convo.  BANE tried that on me just last week and I rejected it and I reject the attempt.  Ransom is an insult.  That doesn't mean that I wouldn't ransom someone else, that is a different story.

My word is my bond.  If I give someone my word, then you can be sure I will follow through.  Without honor a man has nothing and the same is true in-game.  I've never lied to anyone in Eve on purpose.  That won't change.

That's it.  Just three basic rules, everything else is covered really.  Eve is very situational, things are different in high-sec, or low-sec, or in zero space, that is the way the game is set-up.  So the rules are different as well, are we at war?  Are we missioning?  What I am doing affects how I view the game.  I hate Pirates when I am mining, but I love bush-wacking Hulks in zero space.

And really, isn't that the fun of it all?


  1. Hi there,

    nice post. :)

    But one question: why is killing in 0.0 mandatory?




  2. Podding your enemy in zero space is mandatory because it sends him home, it's expensive for him to replace any implants he might have, and it sends a message. Plus it gets a pilot off the battlefield and out of your space, so they can't report your movements in intel channels.

  3. I used to be of the hardcore belief that any pilot firing on another who hadn't initiated aggression was a pirate. I've changed my mind over the course of my time in EVE. I was so ... wrong.

    Pilots who shoot other pilots for no reason are sociopaths (don't take me too seriously) and I generally object to calling them pirates. The term 'pirate' should refer to any one makes their living by ransoming or stealing other players loot (usually from blowed up ships).

    My general rules of engagement are generally only shoot if the other guy: a) is out to take your space (I don't own any), b) forces questionable moral values upon others (i.e. is playing a role which is completely against your own role's moral values), c) has initiated aggression against you or your friends in the past, or d) is shooting you now.

  4. I love this. Even if you intend to play as a pirate or some other unlawful person I think it's great to have a code to live by, even if it still allows for the hurting of innocents and just generally causing pain. XD

    One of my most positive experiences was also one of the most expensive. I got caught in lowsec by somebody with way more firepower than me. I asked about a ransom and he said he was more interested in the kill. I said fair enough and that was that. He could have tried to scam me out of the ISK and still kill me but he didn't, he was honorable (in a way) and I really respect that.

  5. In response to the killing and podding in 0.0, we tend to do so for two very specific reasons.

    Reason one you elucidated previous, to get the pilot out of the sky, keeping any potential threat, intel, profit from falling into the wrong hands.

    Reason two is to maintain operational readiness and get as much practice as possible. Living out in the wormholes, you take advantage of whatever comes your way. If it happens to provide you an opportunity to practice a w'hole camp, a scan-down kill or a straight up slugfest, it is a good thing and we need to be ready for it.

    We'll pod out in the wormholes because the first one that we don't pod will be the industrialist that comes back with his teeth bared and guns blazing. Not every pilot in a mining barge is a carebear and even those that are often have sufficient skills to strike back. Better that they have to refit from a clone than at their nearby POS and come after us.


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