Unleash the Big Boys

There was a period of time when no one seemed willing to bring their Battleships to fights anymore.  This started after a failed -A- invasion of D-GTMI last Summer.  ( Yes, they tried it before and we won that time... people have short memories.)  I decided to do my part by creating this propaganda poster.

Click HERE to see the full-sized version.

I think even the pre-teens among my readers can pick up on the sexual innuendo in this piece.  Sometimes you need a hammer.

BONUS:  I found a screen shot of the battle I was talking about, which happened on June 6th, 2009.  457 pilots in local at the moment the capture was taken, I remember it getting above 700 before it was over.  No where near the numbers from January, but still impressive.  This was the first time I fought a battle completely from the map and overview, the lag was so bad it was the only way.

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  1. I actually fought in that one in DG-TMI on June 6th,2009. The K/D ratio was so lopsided in AAA favor that I realised it was time to get the hell out of Providence.

  2. All of us knew that -A- could take Provi anytime they wanted, the surprise was that CVA finally gave them a reason to do it.

  3. Hey i am in the window on the bottom left! That was a terrible fight, warped my hyperion with the fleet, 10 minutes went by and i was in a pod. Didn't even get to see myself die :P

  4. I didn't even see you there, kewl. Yeah, it sucked.

  5. Hopefully the fleet lag gets fixed sometime soon - hopefully next patch!

    I was in station the other day when we had 200 hostiles jump in, couldnt do a thing for about 10 minutes then get a lovely socket closed message!

    Nice work on the posters too.

  6. Wow, what kind of crazy resolution are you running at?

  7. I run Eve on an Apple Cinema Display at 2560x1600 HD resolution. Yeah, It's awesome. I wish I had two though.


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