What's in your hanger?

I was thinking about ship names this morning.  I think it is something that generally seems to be overlooked as it has no real bearing on the game at all, but I find the process of naming my ships to be interesting.  Sometimes I go for stupid or silly, sometimes I've had themes (For awhile last year all my ships had the word "lizard" in them somewhere, I don't know why) and sometimes they're just what they are with no real thought given to them.

So this post has two parts and I'd love to hear from everyone on this.  What do you do when naming your ships?  Is it something you take seriously, naming them after ships in science fiction movies?  Like Nostromo or others.  Or famous science fiction writers?  I've done that one myself, The Asimov, The Bradbury, etc.  And why did you choose the names you choose?

The second question is what is in your hanger right now?  I'll start it off by telling you what is in mine at the moment.

>Harpy  "Hatchet"  I've flown Harpies before, but this is a new fit I'm excited about trying out.

>Drake  "Serious Business"  All my PvP Drakes are named "Serious Business" because, as you all know, Drake's are serious business.  I was once in a Drake only fleet with 30 Drakes and we all named them this, that was a fun fleet.

>Raven  "Inglorious"  I don't fly Ravens for PvP but I have this one to help Angor in his Level IV missions.  It is named after a former Corp we started, if you read the blog then you already knew'd that.

>Buzzard  "Xpress"  I use the Buzzard for two things, as a prober and as a transport thru hostile space for expensive items.  Darn thing gets over 20 AU/s warp speed.

>Caracal  "Lost Hope"  I use the Caracal for my own pitiful Level 1 mission running, I know it is sad.  But I never ran missions before and just got started.  I do kick ass at them in this thing though.  LOL

>Falcon  "Cripes!"  I love the Falcon but I have never had the chance to really use it for its intended purpose yet.  I finished training for it last Fall just as everything started falling apart.  Oh well, someday.

>Daredevil  "Murdock"  My new favorite ship of the moment.

>Rifter "Tailgunner"  I had to cross-train a little Minmatar to get the Daredevil, so why not?  This is my fun cheap ship and I'm looking forward to getting killed in it.

>Badger Mark II  "Blank Space"  Gotta have one for moving stuff around.

>Taranis  "Mad Max"  Love my ranis.  But what about Ur ranis?

>Firetail  "BooBee"  Got this yesterday at a firesale for cheap, haven't even fitted it yet cause I'm not skilling autocannons for awhile yet, but couldn't pass up the price.

Those are RJ's ships as of right now.  I sold off almost my entire fleet less than a month ago when I left zero space to start work on Lucifer's Hammer, so that isn't bad.  I'm buying a new Manticore later to go into zero and do some griefing this weekend.

What about you?


  1. Purcival ChubsworthApril 9, 2010 at 9:35 AM

    All my ships are named The Klamyydia

  2. LOL ok, simple and easy to remember. Is that because of the band or the disease?

  3. SOme great ships in there, some I am not so wild about ;)

    Daredevil is one NASTY mean frigate, Taranis is a GREAT interceptor,
    Falcon, Fianlly prices ahve dropped a bit on these ( about damned time I say)
    Rifter...ole reliable great little frigate

    Im not so fond of the firetail anymore, do you like it after the dominion changes?

  4. I'm just starting out, but my "wardec" scanning ship is called "I'm Watching You".

  5. Manasi - I got the firetail for next to nothing, won't be flying it for awhile since I don't have autocannon skills yet, at least not T2 ones. So we'll see.

    Eonjunk - Good one and good luck to you.

  6. Rifter "Tailgunner" I had to cross-train a little Minmatar to get the Daredevil, so why not? This is my fun cheap ship and I'm looking forward to getting killed in it.


    Firetail "BooBee" Got this yesterday at a firesale for cheap, haven't even fitted it yet cause I'm not skilling autocannons for awhile yet, but couldn't pass up the price.


  7. Wensley - Well I can fly both ships, but the Rifter is cheap and the Firetail was cheap for a Firetail but I coulda bought 10 Rifters for the same price. So I'll wait until I am better skilled before I fly it.

    Make sense?

  8. For my PvP ships, I tend to pick a word and use Google Translate to translate it into some other language. I start with Russian and if that doesn't look interesting I switch it over to Serbian, Czech or some other language with a similar look.

    So I have:
    - an Ishkur named "Зелен" (Green)
    - a Harpy named "перехват" (Intercept)
    - a Lachesis named "останавливаться" (One of the many, many translations for Stop)
    - a Rook named "досадно" (Bored)
    - an Arazu named "сюрприз" (Suprise)

    Sadly, I have way more ships than I can list.

    For my PvE ships I go with simple, boring names like "Peace and Order", "Lawmaker", "Peacekeeper", etc.

    It's easier to differentiate when I go to hop in a ship.

  9. paritybit - that is very interesting. i have struggled with trying to come up with a way of naming them to tell them apart as well, that's a good one.

  10. Sadly i still haven't figured out a good way to differentiate between my ships which are not fit in the same way (for example, a Harpy with a shield extender vs. a Harpy with a web) -- either I name them something totally mundane that says exactly what they are and try to remember to rename it before I undock, or I just waste 30 seconds by jumping into the wrong ship. It's about time for CCP to just let us see how a ship is fit before getting into it.

  11. I agree. I used to name my blaster fitted boats with words that started with "B" and my railgun Sniper fitted boats with words that started with "S"... but then that was confusing. It should be easier to tell.

  12. This is super fun and has motivated me to take a break from my New Player in Nullsec series to respond. First let me say that I believe strongly in consolidated hangers. I only have three at the moment, and two of them are within four jumps of each other. It makes life a heck of a lot less complicated and allows me to know what I have at any given moment.

    My response is here:


  13. Good post Rixx.

    All of my ships are named after historic Architects, and I name all ships of the same type, the same name:

    Mymidon = "Damascus" (also appropriate because it's a type of metal used in sword making…shape of the myrm)

    Helios = "Eames"

    Dominix = "Imhotep"

    Incursus = "Ito"

    Catalyst = "Teulon"

    Those are all the ships I own at the moment. Traveling light lately.

  14. Too many to mention them all but I like to call my ECM boats 'Loss Mail' as I tend to fly something until I die in it.

    Another thing I do is switch out my Assault Frigate names for the default packaged T1 name, so my Ishkur will be 'Rantuket's Incursus' - makes people do a double take or engage without paying attention.

  15. Mine is here:


    Stay awake if you can!



  16. Great post here. I jumped on the meme bandwagon too over on my blog but just wanted to say thnk you for the great post idea.

    for what it's worth most of my ships are named after their physical attributes. like the Asym is the Asymetrical Raven.... I hope you get what I mean.


  17. Maybe it is unoriginal but I use WW II ship names for my growing fleet, from lowly frigates to BS, even my Mackinaw is named after an Military Ice breaker :D


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