1v1 FUNNIES: #12

Some quick thoughts about Tyrannis:

• Love the new Scorpion! (duh) So let's get on with updating other ship models.  I'm not going to get off this bandwagon and I can be pretty darn annoying when I want to be.

• Planetary Zooming.  It has been somewhat amusing to zoom in and out of the planets this week, but that's grown a little old.  I did train my alt in the new skills as much as I thought she needed, so she's ready for next week.  But my goodness, has anyone actually read up on this stuff?  I feel like I need a Doctorate degree!  I hope this is all easier once we start doing it.

• Spacebook is cool and all, I guess.  I suspect it will be more useful once I have the incredible amount of time needed to organize my contacts in a useful way.  That isn't a complaint, just an observation.  It's good, fine, whatever.

Ok that pretty much sums up Tyrannis for now.  We'll see what happens when the land-rush begins and everyone starts building things they don't understand and the market goes kla-blooie.  Should be interesting.

And with that I leave you Dear Readers with this week's 1v1.  Enjoy your weekend, drive responsibly, don't let your friends drive drunk, don't take any wooden nickels, watch your back, look both ways before crossing the road... and don't do drugs.

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Two Rifters from competing Pirate Corps happen upon a Hulk mining in a belt and start to point him
at the same exact moment, each racing to be the first to pop such a juicy target.
But then a convo pops up and each of the Rifters answer it.
Hulk: "I am a magical Hulk, let me go and I will grant
you both a wish."

The Rifters consider this, neither having stumbled upon a
magical Hulk before.

Rifter 1: "If you grant me my wish I will let you go."
Rifter 2: "Grant me my wish and I will also let you go."

Hulk: "Ok then, it is agreed."

Rifter 1 considered his options, all the riches of the universe or...
Rifter 1: "I wish all the other pilots in Eve were women!"

Hulk: "So be it." And POOF all the other pilots in Eve were suddenly women.

Rifter 2, already aligning out of system, "I wish Rifter 1 was gay."

And he warped off.