Blackshield Protectorate

The commissions just keep rolling in, so thanks to everyone who has contacted and contracted me over the past few weeks.  I appreciate the opportunity to work with each of you.  No project is to big or to small and each one receives the same level of attention.  It would be easy enough for me to just crank these things out one after another,  but I don't do that.  I take each one and give it the care that it deserves.  It isn't always easy finding the time to do that within the confines of my already busy schedule, but so far it hasn't been a problem.

I enjoy the work, so keep 'em coming.

This week I finished designing a logo, wallpaper, banner project for a Corp just getting on its feet - Blackshield Protectorate.  I'm not sure if they even have a website up and running yet, but if they want to link anything in the comments to this post now or in the future, I'll update the post as well.

Scott was great to work with and I wish him and his Corp the best of luck.  Here are 2 web banner options (I threw the red one in for free, sometimes another idea hits you.) that include the new logo.  You can click the images to embiggen them.

Plus, getting the work I do for you featured on Eveoganda is pretty cool!  Maybe I should charge extra for that?  Nah, this is to much fun.

You can visit the Blackshield Protectorate blog up and running now!