For those of you that have been reading Eveoganda for awhile you may have noticed that my sense of humor is a little... well, it is my sense of humor - let's leave it at that.  Mostly I make myself laugh and if other people find that funny then so much the better.  I've never been one of those seeking approval from others since I have a hard enough time getting approval from myself.  Ok now, that is NOT how I wanted to start this post... see how lazy I am?  I could just delete that and start over, but no!  That took a couple of minutes to write gosh darn it.

So today in the spirit of laziness I present another propaganda poster that I did last year for the now defunct (sniff) LFA Alliance.  Y'know, before much longer, no one will remember that there was such a thing and I'll have to explain myself.  Or maybe I could just replace the LFA logo on all these posters?  Either way, at the time we were having trouble getting pilots into Dictors for fleets.  So I thought a poster that rallied Dic pilots to the cause might be effective.

Click HERE for embiggened version!

In some ways I think it is one of my better posters.  Simple, graphic and yet it delivers a very strong message wrapped around an obviously juvenile sense of humor... ok, maybe I just talked myself out of that assertion.

And maybe I just haven't really grown up yet.  I mean, I do write a daily blog about an Internet spaceship game.  Good grief!  I'm a child.  All those women were right about me after all.

I need to call my therapist.