In Memory: Frank Frazetta

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Frank Frazetta died yesterday at the age of 82.  The New York Times obituary can be read HERE.

I met Mr. Frazetta on a couple of occasions in the late '90's and he even did a few freelance pieces for me back in the day.  That isn't to say that we were friends or anything, but for someone who thinks Mr. Frazetta is one step away from godhood, those were great moments in my personal career.  He was extremely professional, polite and gifted in ways that us mere mortals can only hope to be.

I know he was going through some very tough times recently with his family and I hope he died in peace.  The world is certainly less for this loss and I wish his family the best in this difficult time.  Except for the ones causing all the trouble, I hope you rot in a special corner of Hell.  But that's just me.

Thanks Frank.  You were unique and amazingly talented and you made my youth all the better for it.  Godspeed.