Tidbits & Monday Morsels

The great and powerful writer has been busy the past few days thinking about nothing but Eve, here for your reading pleasure are some of my thoughts.  In no particular order, because while he might be a great writer and thinker, he is not the world's best organizer.

• I was saddened to hear over the weekend that my friends and former Corp mates in Smegi have decided to call it quits and disband.  This information is all second-hand at the moment so I don't know any of the reasons why, or the whatnots involved.  Nor does it really matter.  Whatever the reasons I'm sorry to hear it.  And I wish everyone in the Corp the very best of luck.  Except those that I hear are crossing into the dark side and joining -A- and their pets.  Just know that I will shoot you when you show up in local.  Nothing personal.

• My sexy alt Anastasia had a funny run-in with a wanna-be pirate over the weekend. Pirates like picking on Ana because she seems like she would be a noob, but she really isn't.  Not only am I playing her but she has some nasty teeth when she wants them.  She can totally T2 fit a Retribution and has one fully armed in the hanger.

But this guy warps right in on her mining in her Hulk and does exactly what I was hoping he would do, he drops can and steals my ore.  I type a quick "lol" into local and warp back to the station to get the 'Bloody Hand' and hope he hangs around in his Rifter.  Meanwhile he convo's me, and while it is RJ's stand never to answer a pirate or red convo, Ana has no such standard.

Noob Pirate > hai :D
Anastasia Javix > o/
Noob Pirate > wanna buy ur ore back?
Anastasia Javix > umm
Noob Pirate > :)

So around this time, while I am keeping him talking, I've gotten my Retri and undocked and started warping to the can bm.

Anastasia Javix > how much?
Noob Pirate > 1m
Noob Pirate > :D
Anastasia Javix > hmmm

So he wants 1 million isk for my single cycle of ore... I don't think so.  Here's how fast things change when I drop out of warp, lock and point him and start burning through his little Rifter.

Noob Pirate > FREE
Noob Pirate > STOp
Noob Pirate > I APPOLOGIZE
Noob Pirate > ill leave u allone forever
Anastasia Javix > dangerous business
Noob Pirate > yea
Anastasia Javix > i'll jut take my ore

The aim wasn't to kill him, although that would've been ok, he realized he could just burn away from me after I had him into structure.  Retribution only has one mid slot.  We had a good convo after that and he seemed like a nice enough kid.  Hope things work out for him.

• I'm thinking about a little side project that involves Eve.  This would take more time than my usual projects, which I try to keep to taking as little time as possible.  I've been thinking of, just for the fun of it, re-designing the User Interface.  While I am not a huge critic of the in-game UI I am certainly not a big fan of it either.  It isn't especially science-fictiony or high-techy enough for my tastes, or intuitive or graphic enough for me either.  So I might take a shot at it.  Again just for fun.

• I also have several commissions coming up in the very near future that I will be able to share with you soon.  So keep an eye out for those.

I'll hopefully be back later with a more meaty post.  Until then, fly safe.