CDM: Pre-Game

Nashh and I have agreed on the particulars of the upcoming Celebrity Deathmatch and it should, baring any last-minute emergencies, go down tomorrow sometime.

Nashh did me the honor of allowing me to determine the parameters of the contest and I gave it much thought over the last few days.  I've always been happiest flying small, fast ships like my Daredevil, Taranis, Crow, while I have also spent some considerable effort getting trained up in guns and battleships, so the choice of ships was wide open.  I also considered Command Ships and Faction ships as well as all the others.  Pretty much anything BS and under was on the table.

In the end I decided on Battlecruisers.  Why?  Mostly because I want a good fight, a toe-to-toe battle that lasts longer than two Frigates and isn't the slow ballet of two BSs dancing.  BC are the solid mid-ships of Eve, versatile and with thousands of variations in fits.  They offer great choices when it comes to fights, especially when you already know where and how you will be fighting your foe.  Plus the majority of my kills happened in a BC, over 150 in my Drake alone.  So it is probably the one ship class I am most adept at.

Although I plan on throwing all that out the window.  I'm not going to give it away just yet, after all I think Nashh reads this blog, but suffice to say I plan on flying something different into battle.  So Nashh, if you happen to be reading this, looking back over my KB history won't help you.  I have something fun in mind, mostly fun for me, that I sorta kinda have never flown before.

This is gonna be a blast and I am looking forward to it.  Win or lose doesn't matter to me one iota, although obviously I'd prefer to win.  Either way I'm in it to have fun and we'll see how it goes after that.  To me, no matter what happens, it'll be a fun time and an awesome experience.  But make no mistake I am in it to win it.

Now the logistics are a bit of a nightmare, at some point I have to get myself back to empire...