Death Race "Official Site"

In preparation for this week's official kick-off of Death Race 2010, the folks at EvePress were kind enough to offer to host a Death Race only blog.  This will help to keep all DR information in one easy-to-find location and we will use it to post updated prizes, rules, sponsorships and other details leading up to the main event on August 22nd.  EvePress is also an official sponsor and has agreed to donate prizes for the event.  I also believe we'll have some DR swag to share with all of you very soon!  How cool is that?

Thanks to everyone who continues to get excited about this event and to everyone who has offered their support, encouragement and advice.  Things are changing every day and more and more excitement is building.  But we can always use more help.  So feel free to email me or contact me in-game.

Thanks, RJ