U'K and Unexpected Ka-blooie!

Sorry, give me a second, still laughing at the post title.

Somewhere along the path of the last few days the Alliance known as Ushra'Khan or U'K has disintegrated and ceased to exist.  Now there are those that say this is yet another example of how MetaGaming is great/sucks, how broken the Alliance system has become/or hasn't, how much U'K deserved to die/didn't deserve it, the whole ball of wax.  Both sides of the coin.  And it is awesome that so many people have an opinion about the issue.  God bless them all.

Sorta like my pal Kirith I have an in-game "while I'm playing" persona and I have my out-of-game "while I'm not playing" personage, which also happens to be the real me.  Not the me that exists virtually in a pixel game me.  Sometimes those two me people agree on stuff and sometimes they don't.  Mostly however, while the real me often wishes for certain things to happen for the in-game me, it isn't with the same level of passion or determination that the in-game me feels about things.  For example, both the in-game me and the real me can respect our enemies and also wish them to die in big balls of flame.  This doesn't mean I wish the real them any balls of flame.  Just the in-game kind of pretty explosions.

Make sense?  Oh sure, we all feel pretty much the same way I bet.

Just to be clear however... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH!

Yes, that was both the in-game me and the real me sharing a moment of pure joy at the news that U'K went Ka-blooie!  If that seems harsh then excuse me.  I've lived through the destruction of several Alliances and Corporations, so I have little pity for what has happened to the in-game people on the other side of that destruction.  Meanwhile, of course, I have nothing at all personal in the real world against any one in U'K.  I don't know anyone, but if I did I'm sure we'd be pals... ok maybe not pals but at least Facebook worthy.

Dreams do come true Virginia.  Now it is looking like -A- is in trouble and IT might be next.  Can so much good fortune be true?  Oh please.  Please.

For those that might think the above statements are harsh, unfair and perhaps even tainted with bitterness... you are right they are.  I'm a harsh, unfair and bitter in-game person that likes to take joy from the destruction of my enemies.  Sue me.

Just to be clear on this issue, I predicted this would happen months ago.  U'K started to fall apart long before this issue with Hydra.  If anyone was paying any attention at all, they started bleeding Corps and members once they became CVA.  It is a wonderful thing to have an enemy to fight, a cause to fight for, a dream to dream... but what happens when you finally achieve that dream and realize the only way to keep it is to become just like the very enemy you hated?  That was never going to work out.  So U'K was doomed from the moment they took 9UY and helped push CVA into low-sec.

I am no fan of MetaGaming btw, I loathe it, despise it and generally hate it really a lot.  World's colliding!  

PS: Just to "rub salt in it" I'd like to post on of my favorite 1v1 Comics again: