Blowin' in the Wind

The more things change the more they stay the same.  This axiom is more often than not as true in Eve as it is in real life.  The names change but the situation remains the same.  However you prefer to say it, crap is still crap.  And it rolls downhill... ok, enough with the analogies.

The point is that our Alliance (which hasn't been a true Alliance since we got there) is going through some serious fail political bunk lately.  And while your intrepid neighborhood blogger is trying to stay out of politics, being involved in such things hasn't gone well for me in the past, I can't help but pick up on things going on around me.  Especially when it involves our future, both mine and the Corps.  It boils down to people exploding last week and now the pieces are falling all around, other Corps are leaving, other Corps are staying.  New leadership has popped up and new directions, goals and directives are being issued.  The question for us is simple, where does DION land amongst the debris?

Should we stay or should we go now?  And if we go were they'll be trouble?

I'm just speaking for myself here, this is NOT official Corp talk, just me.  I have no love for The Spire and was hoping the move here would be temporary anyway.  I know we had to gtfo of Scalding Pass when Primary collapsed, which was fine... mostly because I was on vacation at the time and what else could I do?  So if we leave for better shores I will be happy and not sad to see The Spire getting smaller in the rear view mirror.  I appreciate the fact that not everyone will feel that way, and we do have a lot invested in one of the systems, but I think if we are to grow and get even stronger - The Spire is not the place to do it.

You know how much I enjoy moving.

On another front, if you get the chance check out Flyin On The Edge!  I recently designed some banners and signatures for Jushin Dragon's blog and it is coming along nicely.  So head on over and give the guy some encouragement.