Gooder Eve: The Battle POS

Gooder Eve is a series of on-going articles that examine ideas that might make Eve more gooder, and maybe even more funner to play.  Some are serious, like the Chameleon Module, and some are humorous.  But all should be interesting, entertaining and encourage healthy debate. So far the comment threads have been the best part. ]

One of RJ's Scout Cards
Sov warfare is one of the less-gooder aspects of Eve these days, in my opinion.  I think the entire process is needlessly complicated and highly favors large fleet battles and blobs.  In other Gooder Eve posts we will be examining those issues, but today (perhaps) we'll look at one way that we might be able to make Sov warfare, and battles in general, more Gooder.

A secure POS is an awesome asset, especially when it is loaded with goodies - like hangers, guns, warp disruptors, refineries, etc.  For some of us living in Null a large fully functional POS is home.  Heck, most of my ships are stored in a POS at the moment.  (Since the nearest station is nine jumps away!)

Imagine if you could take that POS with you into enemy territory.  Imagine for a moment, that certain POS modules, allowed you to jump a POS (via cynosural fields) into enemy systems.  Would that be something you'd be interested in?

Such a POS would serve as the back-bone of your invading force, a mobile station armed to the teeth - but still subject to destruction like any stationary POS.  This is the Battle POS.  A huge, mobile, fuel-consuming station from which to launch insane Sov war attacks on your enemy's systems. Like I said above, I don't care for the way Sov is set-up at the moment, but if we are stuck with that system, then I think the Battle POS is an idea worthy of consideration.  Why?  Don't Titans already serve, not to mention Super Carriers and whatnots.  Oh sure, if you happen to be a big fat rich Alliance that can afford such toys.  Not that a Battle POS is cheap, but cheaper than some toys and much more useful for a small Alliance than a Titan or other Caps.  The Battle POS could open the doors for smaller alliances and even small Corps to challenge Sov.

On the other hand it could be over-powered and just plain silly.  So perhaps only certain types of modules (depending on skills and amount of fuel consumed) could be jumped within the Battle POS?  There are obviously ways to make it work within the current game mechanics, one could easily imagine a cynosural field module becoming part of the POS family.  

But is it needed?  Would it function the way it is intended or be abused and make things even worse?

What do you think?