Gooder Eve: Maker's Mark

Gooder Eve is a series of on-going articles that examine ideas that might make Eve more gooder, and maybe even more funner to play.  Some are serious, like the Chameleon Module, and some are humorous.  But all should be interesting, entertaining and encourage healthy debate. So far the comment threads have been the best part. ]

Funny how things happen.  I have a tablet on my desk that has about, oh I 'm guessing (cause I'm to lazy to count) about 75-100 ideas scribbled down for Gooder Eve.  Most will never make it to a blog post, cause they are really silly or just plain stupid (like Nerf Bumpers), some are more realized than others, and some are just a few words.  

So yesterday I get an email from SailorBacon in which he describes this idea he's had, which is a good one, although it sounds kind of familiar.  Brilliant minds think alike.  The idea, which I will get around to telling you shortly, was written on my list as simply two words, "Made by".  Sailor called his concept the "Producer's Stamp" and I've re-named it the Maker's Mark.  (Which is an extremely good Kentucky Straight Handmade Whiskey, highly recommended by me. hick! excuse me.)

I've often thought about the history of the ship I'm flying.  We buy them, fly them, re-package them, re-sell them without a second thought.  And the cycle goes on and on.  It is possible that the ship I'm flying has been through that cycle numerous times, over and over again.  But where did it come from?  It is also possible that it was built by someone who might even be my enemy in game.  My Alt may have built the Rapier that is shooting my Dramiel.  What are the origins of the ships we fly?

I agree with Sailor, it would be easy enough to add some interesting depth to this game without affecting lag or game-play at all really.  When you build a ship a line of text gets added to that ship's description, a born on description if you will.  Built by Anastasia Javix - Lucifer's Hammer 4.8.10 or some such.  That line stays with the ship through the cycles until one sad day it gets blowed up.  But then, in the salvage, is a little bronze plate called the Maker's Mark, that contains a little text commemorating the builder.  It's little more than a text document and can be collected and added to a production cycle.

Again, this idea adds almost nothing to actual game play, but yet it makes Eve even deeper and more personal.  It helps to create a sense of pride amongst the builders, the craftsmen, the tradesmen of our universe.  It adds depth and it doesn't hurt the game in any way that I can see.  It is a small touch, not a big one.  Granted, some may argue that it isn't needed.  Perhaps.  It isn't needed to be sure.  It isn't necessary.  But I would argue that it is for that very reason why it might just be essential.  And vital.

What are your thoughts?

PS: If you have any ideas you want to shoot my way for how to make Eve Gooder, send me an email.  I'll always give proper attribution and credit, but also know that I will also make fun of dumb ideas.  Or twist 'em into something evil.