Is Solo PvP Really Dead?

Last week I tried and failed to get anyone to fight me.  First I tried slow-boating around in a Drake, which is probably no good since everyone thinks that must be bait.  Then I tried a Dramiel and then a Jaguar.  Nothing.  So I went back to zero space and roamed around for a week and managed to get into a few fights.  

Meanwhile I fitted up a Merlin to try again.  Today was the perfect day to give it a shot, nothing much going on in zero and not a lot of time to play, perfect for logging in and out of low-sec.  So I flew the 40 odd jumps back up to pirate infested low-sec and warped around trying to get anyone (anyone not in a Tengu or a Rapier!) to fight me.  Lowly frigate.  Pitiful little Merlin.  Not bait.  No comrades waiting to jump in to help.


A couple of people talked big in local but warped away when I took them up on it.

So.  Is the concept of solo PvP dead?  Kaput.  Gooners?  Pushing up daises?  In my heart I hope not, but my mind tells me otherwise.  No one wants to bushwack my Frigate with their Assault Frigate or Stealth Bomber (Both of whom ran from me btw.), the only people who will attack you are the ones with grossly superior ships - like the before-mentioned Tengu and Rapier.  

I know the rules, or at least the facts of life.  No one flies alone in Eve in low-sec or zero.  No one rats in low-sec anymore.  Any ships in local are safe in station or in a POS.  No one just hangs out looking for a fight.  Are these true?  I know some are sadly looking to be true, but then I see the kill boards and the facts remain that someone, somewhere is getting solo kills.

Am I missing something?  And before you say it, I refuse to float outside a station and gank ships as they undock (unless at war, which is a different story).  Where else can I find a fight in Eve?