Lost Killmails

Somewhere over the last two years I've killed dozens of ships, some solo, some with others, that have not been accounted for.  I reckon somewhere in the 20-30 range, maybe more.  This issue seemed to have been worse earlier on and lately it hasn't been an issue I've had any concern over.  A few here or there is normal.

Until last night.  Erad and I went down into Insmother and Cache to take advantage of recent decimations and sov loss to see if we could find some off-lined POS Towers.  Erad was in his Rapier using Probes to track them down and I flew down in my Manticore to add some dps in case we discovered something juicy.  We found some off-line towers and about 25 or 30 ships just floating in space.

Click to embiggen
You can clearly see 15 neutral ships just in this one tower.  Believe me, they all exploded violently.  We found a few more with fewer ships, but did manage to get some juicy loots.  It was a blast shooting helpless ships, even though we had a few moments when neutrals would arrive in local, no one seemed to care much.

Between both of us we've gotten 6 killmails.

This isn't a whine, I honestly don't care one way or the other.  I had fun and that's all I really care about, other than blowing up enemy ships - which I also did.  But something is wrong isn't it?  Where are the other kms?