Monday Morning Misc

This weekend was an Eve free weekend for me.  I try to take these breaks as often as I can, I honestly believe it is the best way to keep the game at arms length.  And stay sane.  And not emo-rage quit.  Which I would never do.  Whatever, this morning I find myself at a cross-roads in-game that I am very excited about.  My Minmatar cross-training proceeds and this morning I undocked in a Hurricane for the first time.  Yeah!  It's a pretty big deal.  For me.

It also means I'll be able to fit T2 guns on my patiently waiting Cynabal!  And once I train Minmatar Cruiser V a whole world of new ships will be unlocked and ready to fly.  Once that goal is reached that'll be the end of cross-training for a while, probably until early next year when I start down the last path to Amarr.  Until then I plan on focusing on taking more and more core skills to level V and training for more specialized ships.

> As of this morning we have 37 pilots signed up for the Death Race!  And that doesn't include any of the ones that have signed up thru the generous support of Nashh, so I expect we should be very close to 50 or more racers come Sunday!

If you haven't signed up yet don't worry you still have plenty of time, as we'll be taking new racers right up until Sunday at 16:00 Eve time.

I'll be back later with a new installment of Gooder Eve!  See you then.