No Fights

Yesterday I decided that since the next few days would be busy in RL, I would take some time and fly up to Empire to take care of a few things.  Since I am a man of opportunity I also decided that I'd also take some time and try to get some fights going in low-sec.  Why not?

So I flew my Dramiel up and docked in the station where my CDM winning Drake is docked.  (I decided to leave it in Empire since a HAM Drake is of limited use to me in zero and I'd have a "play" ship ready whenever I wanted it.)  So yesterday I spent some time flying around nasty pirate infested low-security space looking for a fight in my Dramiel.  Not only did I play the part of the hunter, but I also played the part of the prey.  Those are two different styles:

Hunter: Always on the move, the Hunter hits his 360 d-scan the moment he enters a new system.  He warps to the planet with the most belts, or one outside of the last scan range.  He never, ever warps to anything at zero (except the out-going) and he never sits still for long.  The Hunter knows that he must strike quickly or his prey will leave local, dock up or get into a POS.  The Dramiel is good at this, but not great.

Prey: Sometimes you want people to find YOU.  The Drake is better at this.  You take your time doing anything, you warp to planets and sit there for awhile.  You warp around to belts and maybe even rat a bit, you make noise, you become obvious, you try to encourage someone to attack you.  This is dangerous because you also don't want to be stupid.  If there are more than two people in local in the same Corp I might move on to the next system.  A fight is one thing, but I don't really want to be blobbed.

I tried it all, going at least 12 jumps deep into low-sec and managed to get into ZERO fights.  None. Zip. Zilch. Nadda.

Everyone ran away, even the Tengu on the gate cloaked up and ran off.  I was really hoping to get a shot at a Tengu in my HAM Drake, that would be a good fight that I think I'd win pretty easily.  Now granted, those two ships scream bait.  I know this and can't really blame most people for running away.  Most people, but all?  There were dozens of '03, '04 and '05 players around!

So, phase two of trying to get into a fight.  I'm going to buy and fit up a Jaguar and try again.  Sigh.

UPDATE: Fail gate camps don't count.  Two Canes and a Ferox warp scrammed me jumping in.  I give them some credit for actually trying to bump me, but they have to be high to think they could catch me.  Let the gate guns deal with them, I burned back to the gate and jumped through.  This isn't a suicide mission.  Well, anymore than foolishly flying a solo Drake deep into low-sec is already a suicide mission, I mean.  lol.

UPDATE 2: Angor (in his Pilgrim) and I hooked up for a bit of fun and he managed to get a Rifter, I was too slow in my Drake and the Rifter exploded right after I warped in.  I won't mention the Rifter's name but he is a reader of the blog!  Good fight m8.