The State of Commissions

Whew, this Summer will go down in the annuals as one of the busiest on record.  My normally insane schedule, big family, running a business, blah blah blah, was even more insane.  And today I had a root canal.  lol.  No excuses however and this is not an apology post (I hate those!), oh and then my own inclination to add additional work by creating the Death Race!  What is wrong with me?!?  (Subject for another post... a big one.)

Needless to say, those patient people that are waiting for their commissions have been forced to suffer.  But fear not ever faithful commissioners, your loyal neighborhood blogger is working his way thru the pile and will be taking care of business over the next two weeks.  My goal is to get back on schedule as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, amuse yourself with this recently completed series of wallpapers I did for Hell's Brigade!

Hell's Brigade Military Theme
Hell's Brigade Military Version

Hell's Brigade Industrial Theme
Hell's Brigade Industrial Version
I also designed the logo, which I think turned out pretty awesome.

Don't let the fact that I am behind deter you from sending me an email and asking for some work to be done, I'm still accepting commissions - this stuff is way funner than yet another ad for diaper cream believe me.