I can't stop.  I probably won't stop fiddling and twiddling with Eveoganda, it is more a work in progress than anything else.  Oh sure I have some established patterns, like the 1v1 Comic on Fridays, but I try to keep things interesting.  Another thing I can't stop messing with is the look and the graphics, as you've probably noticed the site has - once again - undergone a substantial change.  I thought it was time for a completely different direction.  The increasingly minimal designs of late had reached their nadir and it was time to return to the sites roots.  I think this one might last awhile.  I hope you enjoy it.

With the lag issues of the last two days (which appear to finally be over) I have fallen extremely far behind in my blog reading.  I apologize for that, but will strive to get caught up once again.  

Stuff is happening at a rapid pace in-game.  It is the end of Summer and the beginning of the busy season I suppose.  The Alliance is in some amount of turmoil at the moment and it is hard to say what might happen as a result.  If you are looking for answers I don't have any right now, as I've said before I try to keep my nose out of politics.  We have taken steps to consolidate our assets and I suppose we'll see what happens from there.

I continue chugging along on Minmatar Cruiser V, only thirteen more days and a whole bunch of new ships become available.  I'm excited sure, but not nearly as much as I was when I trained my first Cruiser V skill.  It's different now when I have so many good ships to fly already, the thrill isn't gone, its just different now.  

Someone once told me you stopped being a Noob in Eve when you hit 10m sp.  The wisdom of that statement can be debated, the player behind the character has a lot to do with the "Noobish" nature as much as skill points, probably more.  But it's hard to believe I'm standing at over three times that now.  The train rolls on.

If you are looking for a place to hang your hat, now is the perfect time to think about joining Dissonance.  We are growing and bringing new players on every day, and with things in transition right now, it is the perfect time to jump into the best Corp in the game.  I'm planning a big recruitment push next week, our goals are very aggressive for growth, so be warned I'll be talking about how great we are a lot next week.  Join in-game channel DION-PUBLIC and chat.