1v1: #26

Better late than never I always say.  (I don't "always" say that, it's a figure of speech.)

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Frustrating weekend. I managed to find time for two nice roams and missed a lot of kills on both, I also missed out on being killed on both - which is also good. The first one was a AF/Inty roam and so I took the Jaguar along. I don't know why exactly, but I really like that complicated little ship. For one thing it is tough, for only about 5k ehp the little bastard can take some punishment. It doesn't hurt that I have a nice expensive shield booster fitted. But it can be a bugger to fly, booster, shield booster, scram, neut, guns, and very little cap all adds up to managing assets carefully.

We missed a few nice kills and then got ourselves blobbed. We ran away, which I hate doing, but sometimes it really is the better part of valor. On the way home we got split up and me and another Jag managed to catch a Cane off the gate. Oh man, we tried. We bumped and overheated and we managed to get him deep into structure, maybe one volley away, when he jumped back thru the gate. Sigh.

Then later, another roam. This time in my Vagabond - still waiting for the first taste of blood in that thing. We had a nice little gang, Curse, falcon, Drake, Harbi and my Vaga. But again we missed out on a few kills, just bad timing, and managed to get blobbed again. This time, as scout, I jumped right into a ROL 40 man gang on the other side of the gate. They had ships on both sides and I managed to burn back before I exploded. We lost one ship but the rest of us managed to get away. Then it was burning around safe spots and finally a twenty minute logofski, but the bad guys didn't budge. So we took the long way home. I actually had to leave before we got all the way, so this morning I have some driving to do.

Frustrating, but some good fights. I have some thoughts forming for a bigger post later today or tomorrow.