Disaster Averted

You aren't aware of this, but the last two weeks have been close to cataclysmic.  You don't know that because of the wall between Eve, this blog and the real world that exists behind the curtain.  That wall is self-created of course.  It isn't there to keep anyone out, or to protect anything, it is there simply because this is a blog about Eve and not about that world.  Sometimes that world leaks in, it's impossible to keep it out completely (not that I'm trying, that would be silly, futile and without purpose) and it would make this blog as boring as watching grass grow.

The result of this near disaster has been next to zero playing time for me during the last two weeks.  That's one thing.  The second thing I should probably mention is that the disaster has been averted, the title of this post was not a set-up.  Oh sure, as long as the world economy remains in the shitter, the looming darkness could strike again.  I'm sure we are all feeling it, and despite being incredibly special in many, many ways - I'm not immune to reality.  I've always wished it were different, but it isn't.

I suddenly remember this is a blog about Eve and rapidly start changing course in this post.  Everyone is ok, no animals were harmed and we can get on with the point.  The point being, no time lately to actually play the game.  Or very little.  Which has been both ok and not ok all at the same time.  Both good and bad.  Positive and negative.  You get it, you ain't stupid.  The good part is simple, it's nice to take a break every so often, re-charge the batteries and leave the game behind.  For short bursts of course, any longer than that and mental breakdowns and insanity might erupt.  The bad side is that you aren't playing, you aren't blowing stuff up (no kills for me in October :( and for no reason at all you gain responsibilities.


Oh yeah, you are now reading the words of the newest full-blown Director of Dissonance Corporation, the official US Time Zone Director.  See what happens when you're not around?  They go and make you responsible for stuff.  Heck I was already one of the PVP Managers (Which is a funny title, makes me think I'm the guy responsible for the equipment and the uniforms. Probably only funny if you played high-school sports in America I suppose)  which I also haven't had time to do much of lately either.  So.  I'm left to assume that in Eve NOT doing your job is cause for promotion?  

Ok, that's not true of course.  This is supposed to be an entertaining blog after all, so I often exaggerate to make my point.  I take my new position as seriously as I can and will do everything in my power to do well at it.  I suspect that most of my responsibilities revolve around two primary duties: 1) Managing the complex mechanics around Corporate taxes, and 2) not stealing all the wonderful and shiny Corp assets I suddenly have access to.  Muhahahahaha!

At this point the CEO, who does read my blog, is probably thankful that I can't fly a Jump Freighter.  Not yet.