Gooder Eve: Death to Titans Part 2

{See the previous post for Part One, and read the comments!}

The last post caused such thoughtful debate in the comments that I thought a quick follow-up post might be called for.  The most important thing to remember is this - this series of Gooder Eve posts are not about complaining or hating on Eve or CCP, they're about the opposite, making Eve gooder.  The only criteria is that the concepts make the game gooder in some way.  They might not even be possible, or may never happen for one reason or another, but that shouldn't stop us.

Carriers Vs. Titans
As I said in the last post I strongly believe the Capital class of starships is grossly unbalanced right now.  The Super Carrier/Carrier class, the Jump Frieghter, the Titan have each in their own way added to this unbalance.  I picked on the Titan for very simple reasons.  First of all it is the biggest.  While I'm sure an individual somewhere has built their own Titan for some reason or another, they are almost exclusively the result of Alliances or large Corporations.  This is what I meant by the "less like a sandbox and more like a corporate boardroom" comment, anytime the individual is removed from the equation it's bad news for the player base in my opinion.  Me being an individual and all.

Hot Drops and Bridges
Why are they bad?  If you've ever been the victim of one I don't think you'd ask the question.  But I'll ignore the Hot Drop side and stick to the Titan Bridge for this section.  Let's say you want to take over a system that's five jumps away from you.  You have a 150 ship fleet ready to go.  All you need is a single ship equipped with a Cyno in the enemy system and presto bingo you can bridge all 150 ships anywhere you want via a Titan Bridge.  Boom.  First of all this eliminates the need to actually travel through space, which gives the defender much less chance to defend.  Secondly this means that only the rich can effectively engage in warfare, which we are seeing in zero right now.  Watch the Dotlan sov map and sob along with me.

The BS Sniper Fleet
Take the above into account now in regards to the once powerful Battleship sniper gang.  You don't see them much at all anymore, in fact we've been at war for over a month and not a single BS sniper fleet CTA has been called.  Why?  The power of the BS Sniper fleet is in one thing - range.  If I drop a gang of Zealots and Logi 20k from the Sniper BS fleet all the Battleships will die.  PL and others started doing this earlier this year and since then the Sniper fleet has been virtually killed off.  That is mostly a hot drop issue, but it fits and it is the reality.  One Cyno ship can seriously ruin your day.

I don't hate Titans, I can still remember how excited I was the first time I saw one pop up next to me on a gate.  That excitement didn't last long before Jenna exploded me and my gang with the Area of Effect Doomsday!  But the top end of the Capital Class of ships is broken.  You can easily throw in Super Carriers if you want.  There are to many of them, the hop skip and jump way of moving around the universe is getting silly and it's killing the movement of gangs and fleets.  It seriously needs fixed.

If one single Cyno fitted ship can shut down an entire system - something is seriously wrong.  

On the other hand.  Playing within the game mechanics as they exist is what we do, we learn and adapt to the situation as it IS and not how we wish it to be.  That's the fun of Gooder Eve, it is all speculation and thought debate.  Without any of the actual responsibility of having to make it work within the game.