War Effects

We've been at War now for what seems like months. A week after we moved to Providence we went to war and have been on a war footing ever since. I've written about "war fatigue" before and we are certainly seeing it in full force now.  Here are some observations about long, protracted wars in Null Space.

• The worst thing isn't quitting, the worst thing is not playing. Afk, station spinning, or simply not logging on are all symptoms of this most vile after effect of war fatigue. The finger gets pointed at me as well as many others.  Although my lack of play-time has nothing to do with the war, the results are the same.

• Funding. Long sustained wars take mucho isk.  How exactly does one make mucho isk when there are 200+ reds in your system?  Or CTAs are being called whenever you do log-on?  For short periods of time this is fine, but over the long-haul?  It begins to take its toll and people start disappearing.

• Morale. An often over-looked effect is in morale.  Yes, even a game has morale issues. Why log on when you are only going to lose yet another ship, system, or expensive asset?  This begins to wear on even the most veteran pilots.  And for the younger set?  It is even more difficult.

This isn't a whine, war is a bitch.  And zero space isn't for pussies. This is the reality of Eve today, large scale universe wide conflict. It's everywhere around the map and it isn't going to end soon. So man up and shut up?

No. I don't like a lot of what is happening. Every time I try to put a Corp Roam or Gang together we get a red fleet in local, or another CTA gets called. I planned on running training ops for the past month, so far I've managed to run none. War is a bitch and while there is nothing one can do about that, one doesn't have to be happy about it.

But in the final analysis this is why I play. To fight. So when I do manage to log-on I do that the best that I can. Hence the frustration. The desire to fight balanced against all of the above.

In my humble opinion frustration is the greatest enemy to long-term Null Space Sov Warfare.  And right now, there is plenty of frustration to go around.