Bad Week

If any week proves the axiom that you shouldn't... uh, y'know the one about... is it having too many balls in the air?  Or not having three hands?  Honestly I don't remember the old axiom.  The point is this week has been one of the worst PvP weeks I've ever had and it just so happens to also have been one of the busiest in many, many other ways as well.  I don't think those two things are un-related.  And maybe, that should be an old axiom.

We have distracted driving, why not distracted fighting?  It has gotten so bad that last night I was dropped and kilt in my Drake by a Hyperion!  C'mon, that's like rubbing salt in the wound isn't it?  Sheesh.  If that had happened a year ago I might just have hung up the spurs and quit.  Mostly out of shame.

With the Alliance stuff going on in-game, the Holidays, the snow delays, the insane year-end work rush and trying to wrap up the commission work - I really shouldn't be playing at all.  lol, like that's going to happen.

Sometimes you get the bear and sometimes the bear gets you.  The sad part for me is that this week pushed me finally past 200 losses, which I was trying to hold off on for a while longer.  But you fight and die in this game, the only way to ensure victory is by staying in the station and that is no kind of victory at all.  Not that killboard stats mean that much to me to begin with, but they are important in some ways, especially when you are trying to get a new Alliance off the ground.

So I'm undocking again.  Eventually the great wheel of PvP will slowly swing back around to me.  Hopefully later today.