Feel the Burn!

I just want you all to know I almost kilt myself last night.  And I do not have a clone ready at my house, so one ka-put and I'm a goner.  I am being a tad dramatic, but just a tad.  Gosh darn snow and ice and bone-chilling temperatures are the culprits.  More of the white stuff is falling this morning and schools are delayed and this has caused my day to get about 4 hours shorter than usual.

Yikes.  But I am feeling the burn of Christmas my friends.  I am burning through the remaining commissions on my desk, even though some last minute emergencies popped up, I should be through them all by Friday.  That's my goal.  So hang in there dudes, I'm getting to you next.

And I am feeling the burn of the new Alliance, which isn't as easy as... ok no one actually said it was gonna be easy.  And it isn't.  But we are getting ready to move and do and get things finalized here, so that is very exciting.

Time is burning.  So back to it.  I'll be back later on with something else.