A Few Good Corps

A truly great Alliance is built on exceptional groups of dedicated individuals working together to achieve common goals.  We are actively looking for Corporations that want to work with professionals to build something new and lasting in an exciting corner of the universe with plenty of opportunities for small gang warfare and good fights.

Sound like you?

Black Mark Alliance is looking for a few good Corporations to help us form the foundation for a strong PvP oriented Alliance.  Black Mark is being formed by Dissonance Corporation which is one of the oldest Corps in New Eden, having been founded and run since 2003.  So this is no "fly-by-night" operation and we are looking towards long-term and sustainable goals.

What is Black-Mark Alliance?

Dedicated to the higher pursuit of excellence in Player versus Player combat, Black Mark is focused on building one of the premier Alliances in all of New Eden. Founded on the experience of one of the oldest Corporations in the game, Black Mark refuses to settle for anything less than the best from its member Corporations and member pilots.

Being a member of Black Mark carries with it the responsibility of being a mature, competent and dedicated soldier.  As such we strongly believe in the code of the warrior, an unwritten law of conduct that governs how we treat our fellow pilots - be they warriors or workers - and those friends we deem worthy of allegiance.  We are not pirates, but it is not above us to use their own tactics against them, so long as we are not exploiting those tactics to the detriment of others.  We hold nothing back in the defense of our systems and those of our comrades, we fight until we have exhausted our resources and then we fight some more.  We are tenacious, unforgiving and brutal in the extension of our force upon our enemies.  We protect those that cannot protect themselves and destroy those that seek to harm them.  This is our code.

• Loyalty and honor above all else
• Corporation Council of Advisors
• Based in 0.0 Space
• Close to Low-Sec and Empire
• Focused on PvP and Guerrilla Warfare

What we offer:

• Experienced FCs
• Alliance Logistics
• Upgraded Ratting Systems
• Dedicated TS3 Server
• Dedicated Forums and Killboard
• NO Sov War lagfests

What you offer:

• Dedication and Loyalty to the Alliance
• A Stable Corp grounded in Eve
• Active PvPers that fight
• Minimum of 10 members (We will help you grow)

For more information or to speak to us, please join BLACK-MARK DIPLO channel in-game.  Or contact one of our Directors directly in-game.

Let's do this!

PS: Plus, as an added bonus, your exploits will be talked about on EVEOGANDA!  How cool is that?