I Got Nothing

Seriously. Sometimes the creative juices flow and sometimes they don't.  It could be the fact that I've spent all my Eve time lately moving once again across the entire Universe, managing assets and trying not to get killed... or it could be the weather, whatever it is the well is dry this morning.

So what does we do do in cases like this?  We pull stuff from the logs!  Here is an interesting convo I had almost two years ago.  At the time I was trying to get a Mercenary Corp up and running, seems silly now, but back then I didn't know any better. Anyway, this person convo'd me about hiring us for a job.  The background here is interesting and important to the story, this "client" had been hired by a Corp we had War Dec'd.  The "clients" job was to destroy us, which we found out about through another source.  So this "job" was bogus from the beginning, but he didn't know I knew.  Confused yet?

Session started: 2009.04.15 16:52:06

Rixx Javix > o/
Client > hey
Rixx Javix > what's up?
Client > why has your member count gone down?
Rixx Javix > why do you care?
Client > well if im going to hire you
Client > i dont want someone who is collapsing
Client > youve lost 3 members in 2 days!
Rixx Javix > im not accepting any jobs from you m8
Client > why?
Rixx Javix > let's just say things have gotten very interesting lately
Client > what my money not good enough?
Client > explain?
Rixx Javix > and this is further interesting
Rixx Javix > you said you've been watching the forums
Client > yes
Client > tell me if i was to hire a merc to do a job you think i wouldnt check to see whats going on with them before i purchase there services?
Rixx Javix > oh no, thats fine
Client > would you buy a car without test driving it?
Rixx Javix > please you can do anything you want
Rixx Javix > im not saying that
Rixx Javix > but so can i
Client > so what are you saying
Rixx Javix > i can do anything i want as well
Rixx Javix > thats all
Client > no it isnt
Rixx Javix > nothing mysterious
Client > you will explain why you wont except my job for you?
Rixx Javix > i have to wonder, what is this to you?
Rixx Javix > why the interest?
Rixx Javix > plenty of merc corps out there
Rixx Javix > lots of em
Client > your cheap
Rixx Javix > yes well we're just starting out
Rixx Javix > but we don't need the work per se, choosy
Rixx Javix > which means i don't accept just any job
Client > now i want to hire you for a job to kill a corp, you said ok then you said no
Client0 > i asked you nicely
Rixx Javix > ahh but then you said no thank you and left
Client > you explain
Rixx Javix > no
Client > i said id have to think about it and left
Rixx Javix > i don't have to
Rixx Javix > nor do i want to
Rixx Javix > i don't trust you
Rixx Javix > how's that?
Client > becareful what you say
Rixx Javix > why?
Client > i havent insult or given you any reason not to trust me
Rixx Javix > i don't know you at all
Client > so why dont you trust me
Rixx Javix > li have my reasons
Client > your a merc do your job
Client > you war dec the corp i asked
Rixx Javix > i don't have a job from you yet
Client > im sorry about the bad timing
Client > can it be helped?
Rixx Javix > can what?
Client > Bad Timing
Rixx Javix > oh, not really
Client > MMP Incorporated
Client > that was the job
Client > 100 mil for 1 week
Rixx Javix > there was no job yet
Rixx Javix > no job
Rixx Javix > no boss
Rixx Javix > no orders
Rixx Javix > sorry m8
Client > so are you going to do the job or what?
Rixx Javix > no job m8
Client > fine
Client > ill make you
Rixx Javix > make me what?
Client logs off
Rixx Javix > weird ass people in this game

I learned many things from trying to start a Merc Corp around the time I had 7 or 8 million skillpoints, the most important of them all?  DON'T!  That is a load of complicated inter-corporational politics you really don't want to be in the middle of when you are first starting out, it makes zero space look like pre-school.  That only lasted a month but I'm glad I did it, it's good to get some perspective from time to time.  And to try new things.

And yes, I keep most of the better logs.