I picked a bad time to stop sniffing glue!

By this time you are probably tired of hearing about how bad my week has been.  But just in case you haven't had your fill yet, let's review:

• Since last Monday I've managed to lose a Manticore, Vagabond, Rook (my first ever Rook loss!), an Ibis, Hurricane and a Zealot.

• In exchange I managed to kill... an Eris.

• In addition my account was almost hacked into and I was frozen out of it for a day.  Although kudos once again to CCP.

Moving an entire Corporation into new space is difficult and goodness knows no one knows that better than me.  As many times as I've moved across the Universe to one zero space region to another, I've learned that lesson.  In fact, the last really horrible week I had was when Dion left Providence last summer and moved to Insmother.  Good grief did I lose a lot of assets on that move!  Including being hot-dropped by THREE Carriers in my Gila.  Which remains the last time I've flown a Gila.

So this crap happens.  Right?

Uh sorta.  Throw in the stresses lately of the approaching Holidays, work and other factors, and you have a recipe for disaster.  Let me illustrate the kind of retard level stuff that has been happening to me.

Hurricane.  I have never set a system to "avoid" before, at least not that I can ever remember.  In fact Rixx prides himself on always having the auto-pilot set to "shortest ignore sanity" position.  But the other day I did set a system to avoid because we are moving assets and that system has a perpetual gate camp going.  Better to take a few extra jumps and avoid trouble right now.  Except?  Except I forgot I did that when I was moving assets three short jumps over, almost without even thinking.  I was just warping to yellow gate and jumping, la la la.  Except dear old Otto was sending me in a different direction!  Gate camp, lost Hurricane.  Sigh.

Zealot.  This morning I tried to dock my poor damaged Zealot at the station (only 40% armor left) when the station decided that it didn't like me anymore and wouldn't let me dock.  Again and again.  Normally I would just warp off and put the ship up in our POS but it just so happened that a Typhoon was also there with me and he was yellow-boxing me.  After trying to dock a few times he even started shooting me.  Normally no big deal.  When he pointed me however, I had no choice but to shoot back.  Help arrived but it was too late for my damaged Zealot.  The station wouldn't let my pod dock either.

That death I have petitioned.  I don't like petitioning unless I feel it is warranted, this one is certainly warranted.  Although I have yet to "win" a petition, I'll be interested if I get more than the usual "logs don't show" answer.

Has it been a bad week?  Yeah.  But honestly I expected it.  I take chances I shouldn't take and I do things I shouldn't do.  Sometimes that works out for me and sometimes it doesn't.  Did I make a few bone-headed moves?  Yep.  But the fun part about this blog is that it gives me a chance to admit to them, poke fun at myself and move on.

The worm will turn my friends.  Surely this can't continue.

I doubt it, and please, don't call me Shirley.