Merry EVEmas to All

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It's quiet here at EVEOGANDA HQ, all the minions are at home nestled by an open fire, jack frost nipping at their noses.  Whatever your own personal real-world beliefs, this is a special time of year for friends, family and those unexpected relatives, to share something special.  If the man in red visits your home in a few days, I hope he brings you exactly what you wanted (and it isn't another useless ship in your hanger!).

My sincere wish is for your Holidays, however you spend them, to be filled with wonder, happiness and peace.  2011 is just around the corner and another year will be upon us.  Best wishes to you and yours.

With that being said, it would be unfair of me not to chuck some gifts from my red Taranis as I fly above your Homeworld.  So here are some things some of you may enjoy.  (It would be impossible to remember you all, so if I forget you please don't feel bad.  In fact, your gift will be waiting under the tree on Saturday morning... you'll know it cause it'll be the one you like the most.)

A whole squad of Logistics pilots sporting Jump Freighters and unlimited fuel.

To: Erad
A nifty magical perma-tanked Broadsword, so you can finally stop playing around with enemy Carriers and actually kill some.

To: Ashkrall
A new fun book: "How to talk to your Directors in chat!"  Some good jokes in there, but also valuable life lessons.

To: Acquines
An unlimited fountain of Falcons, like a Falcon Tree, so you'll always have a harvest to pick from.

To: LD
An unlimited use Free Play Pass so you can be on more, we miss you touching stuff.

To: Angor
A power boost to your scanner so it can find all the horribly fit losers you enjoy blowing up now.

To: Nauron
What do you get the German who has everything?  Huh.  Your own planet to conquer?

To: Ged and JEK
Patience is a virtue, so when you finally get there your first shiny T2 ship is on me.

To: All of DION
You guys are the best, now get your butts down to system so we can start killing people!

To: Kirith
I'm sprinkling some "eyes wide open" over you and m3, come to Syndicate and leave the Evil ones to their own fate.

To: Nashh
Some brand-new shiny Pirate spurs, so you can hang 'em up and come play with the big boys in zero.

To: CrazyKinux
An official Eve Blogger Throne from which to rule over us all, I call it The Mordor Throne, but you can call it Precious if you want.

To: Mord
A whole swarm of little camera reporter bots that you can sprinkle over the Universe, so you can see what's happening.

To: Eve Travel
A shiny magical perma-tank for the Professor, so you can scour the ends of the Universe without worry.

To: Mule
What do you get the blogger who has everything?  A Harem of Virgins!  In your station office, enjoy.

To: My Commenters
Thanks for being the best commenters in all of the Eve Blogg-o-sphere!  To each of you a packet of magical beans... I don't know what they do, but the man I bought them from in Jita was very sincere.

To: All My Fellow Eve Bloggers
Thank you for welcoming me into this great community this past year!  For each of you an unlimited well-spring from which ideas may flow.  Enjoy!

Peace out.  
Rixx Javix

And now for the Naughty List!  You didn't think you got away with it did you?  Jolly old Sansha sees everything!

A pox upon you!  Although my heart warms to the possibilities unfolding once again in Providence, maybe the Universe doesn't like you either?  I think it's called Karma.

To: Those Sabre Pilots in the Pipe
Your days are numbered.  You're getting coal m8s, sorry but that's the way Jolly 'Ol Sansha rolls.

To: Khaaaaaan!
Pfft.  Pffft.  Pffft.  I hope I got some of that on you.

To: Reds in general
Nothing personal here, in fact, many of you I can respect for being good bad guys.  Thing is, I have to shoot you cause you are evil and red to me.  However, without you, I wouldn't even be playing Eve, so you get a pass this Holiday.  That doesn't mean your guns won't rust faster, your missiles go 'dud' faster, or your signature radius suddenly bloom... but I wish for that every single day.

Funny, not many people on my Naughty List.