My Gift

I hope everyone had a great Christmas Holiday and Santa brought you something special, whatever that might be.  I also hope you managed to survive whatever horrors you happened to inflict upon yourselves, none the worse for wear.  In many cases, that is the best we can hope for.

And while Santa didn't leave me what I asked for, a shiny new Machariel under the tree, I did get a surprise visit from the CCP Santa this morning.  For the first time in over two years I've won a petition!  While GM Pyro initially denied my petition late last week, GM Libra Luna reviewed the context of the incident and saw the bug I was talking about.  My Zealot is now resting comfortably in my hanger, minus a few mods, but none the worse for wear.

Getting the ship back is nice, but that wasn't the reason I petitioned the loss.  The Station wouldn't let me dock for almost four hours, that is really the "bug" I wanted to bring to someone's attention.  While getting the ship back is great (I'm not an idiot!) the real reason for the petition is to help to keep that from happening again.  

Goodness knows I've been killed by game bugs and weird crap plenty of times in the past.  Getting stuck on Asteroids used to be something you seriously had to worry about.  Once during a roam, some of my fleet got warped over 15 jumps away!  Inside out Catalysts, missiles that disappear, Gates that spit you out into the middle of the Sun, repeating ships on undock, cans that aggro you... the list is long.  The point being, to me at least, is that many of those are in the past.  They don't happen much any more, if at all.  And that's good.  It's progress.

And while I'm happy to be a part of that progress, winning one finally sure does feel good.