The Next Step

It's the time of year when you start asking yourself, what next?  I spent the vast majority of 2010 cross-training Minmatar and Amarr class ships and support skills, along with the usual core skills, drone skills, and the hundreds of other things that come up.  That mission has largely been accomplished, although I still need to address the BS level skills in Amarr.  But I'm holding off on that for awhile.  Change in Corp location means I don't need those as soon as I did before.

So what next then?  Well I think it is time for Rixx to get into the whole Interdictor/Heavy Interdictor class of ships.  I trained Propulsion Jamming V over Christmas so now a week on Destroyer V and I can technically fly a Sabre.  I say 'technically' because I won't until I train Science V and that other skill to IV, Cybernetics something or other.  The one that lets you use the Sphere thingie.

That's less than two weeks total training time and I'll not only be in a Sabre, but also a Devoter and Flycatcher.  Then I just need Heavy Interdictor IV and I'll be in a Onyx, Broadsword.  Sweet.  I'm really looking forward to these ships honestly.  I put off training them because of where I've been the last two years, the usage of these ships has changed a lot in that time and I had no real interest/need in being one of those people.  But now, where we are in Syndicate, is perfect for these ships.  In fact, I know this because a few nasty Sabre pilots have made my life... difficult in the last two weeks.

Time to return the favor.

And then what?  I have a few more core skills I want to top off to V, then maybe Logi V, then probably back to training Minmatar and Amarr BS skills.  My goal remains the same as it has been.  By the time September rolls around, and my third year in Eve, I want to have all four races trained up to Battleship.  And not just trained up to Battleship in a hurry either, but trained up fully with bad ass skills behind them.

And then?  I dunno, that's a long way off right now.