Scrap Metal Banner

Tiberu Stundrif contacted me awhile ago about designing a new blog banner for his blog, "Scrap Metal & Faction Ammo".  Between RL, the Sov Wars, the moving, the forming a New Alliance and everything else going on (3 new ads in the new issue of EON for example!) my commissioned work schedule has been plodding along.  But I was anxious to get started on this one since I had a very strong reaction to his site and the name.

It reminded me instantly of some post-apocalyptic junkyard where the mad-old hermit collects the debris of a forgotten age in exchange for the wonders of the new.  Or something like that.  Some desolate lonely old shack on some forgotten back-water world in New Eden where the wonders of faction ammo can be had for a price.  That was the spirit of what I tried to capture in this new banner.

Go over and say hello and add him to your daily reading list.  I have.