Tactical Shield Manipulation V

QUESTION: I continue to hear that training Tactical Shield Manipulation to level V is a waste of time.  In fact, I was training it the first time I heard this and stopped.  So the question is simple, is it or isn't it?

With the upcoming Learning Skill thingie I am starting to finally give some thought to what skills will get the bonus treatment.  Two million skill points is nothing to sneeze at and I certainly have plenty of places I could spend them.  Topping off Tactical Shield Manipulation would be one.

Or, do I top off Advanced Weapons Upgrade V and maybe Warhead Upgrades V?

Or, maybe Propulsion Jamming V?  Which is scheduled to be my Holiday skill train this year.

Or, perhaps Destroyers V, which along with Prop Jam V will get me into a Sabre?

There are others of course, there always are, but those are the big ones.  Meanwhile my alt Anastasia is easy, she'll be spending her Learning Skill bonus on Advanced Spaceship Command V which will be the last skill she needs to fly a Carrier.  Which will finally make the eventual move so much easier for RJ.

What are your thoughts?  What are you spending your bonus on?