Y'know... Perhaps I do suck?

I awoke this morning with the thought firmly planted in my brain that I suck at Eve.  This wasn't a fleeting momentary whisper of two synapses talking, this was an entire section of brain meat having a dedicated conversation about how lame I am.  I suspect this started with some sort of horrible "naked in front of everyone" kinda dream of which I have no memory.  Damn brain playing around while I try to catch some sleepy time.

I don't actually suck at Eve.  But lately it sure seems like it.  The finely honed warrior that left Providence back in the early Summer has grown rusty my friends, months in the Drone lands, months of Sov War Crapola, and moving around the Universe have rusted my trigger fingers and cobwebs are in my gun barrels.

Sheesh.  I fell into a stupid tarp last night that a more vigilant soldier would have easily avoided.  I decided to take my Pilgrim out to do some more scouting of our eventual home region, see what was what and make some more super-handy bookmarks.  No intention of fighting unless I happened to find something juicy.  A Sabre started following me and, speaking of that lump of meat in my head, the alarm bells started ringing.  "Log Off RJ!", they kept yelling.  Did I listen?  Of course not.

So yes, after successfully escaping one or two attempts to catch me, I finally got caught.  And while my trusty (and expensive) PIlgrim handled herself admirably, her pilot was doomed.  A Sabre, a Vaga and a Falcon?  No chance, so long slow death and I wake up back in the station.  Luckily my new clone has a much more impressive male reproductive organ... has that ever happened to anyone else?

This on top of the stupid tarp I fell into the night before.  Five of us in BCs hanging on some drag bubbles getting some easy kills.  A Helios jumps into system and I target him with my Drake, a DRAKE!, from about 50k away... which is out of point range btw.  The Helios just sits there as two lobs from my missiles kill him.  Strange people play this game.  We kilt some small stuffs, Merlins, Pods, even a Shuttle and whatnot.  But then, out of nowhere, a Geddon, 2x Sleipners(sp) and 2x Basis jump us!  Excuse me, but wtf kinda gang is that?  Granted, badass, but seriously?  Being the man I am they primary me, and instead of running away I tell my m8s to gtfo while I aggro back and have at it.  The rest of our gang manages to escape and I lose my Drake.  No biggie, Drakes being so much better to lose than Pilgrims.

The good news?  This area is seriously kicking major ass in potential pew pew!  And I am having a blast.  Despite what my brain woke up with this morning, I do not suck at Eve.  Yes I do have a little rust that needs shaken off, but that happens.  The old warrior instincts are kicking back in and it is time to get serious about kicking some enemy butt.

The Alliance is coming together, assets are being deployed, members are meeting up, gates are shaking... in other words we're almost ready to get this wagon train ah movin'.

Eve is fun again.  Yipppee!