Avatar Legacy

I opened the portrait file yesterday to resize it for use on the Alliance forums and paused.  I thought, "Huh, wonder what RJ would look like with a cool scar?"

By the time I was done I had tried putting those weird Caldari things on his face (which look kinda silly now btw), replaced his scuba shirt with a stylish one from UnderArmor (TM), made his eyes even more icy blue and toned down his hair just a tad.

CCP gave us a chance to go back and re-tweak our avatars and they should be thanked for that.  But I went back and really didn't find anything I wanted to change.  I did discover just how difficult it was to get RJ into that exact pose in the first place, being totally frustrated at trying to get him back into it.  So, in the end, I decided to let him stand as is.  I'd already gotten used to the new look.

I described it as a cross between Doc Savage and Dr. Bentin Quest, which is just about where I wanted him.  Adventurer, Soldier, Scientist (Come on they sorta have to be with all that knowledge forced into their heads!).

Rixx has come a long way since his original portrait.

Although, when I look back on it now (Even though I spent all of five seconds on it, being so anxious to play internet spaceships!) the original Rixx has stood the test of time.  Despite the horrible yellow, yuck.

That yellow version didn't last long.  I quickly realized that any universe were I was expected to fly a spaceship in and chase other people down to explode was a universe I would probably be spending a lot of time in.  And one tries to look ones best.

Why am I posting about this?  I dunno.  I thought the scar was cool and thought I'd share the subtle changes to the original new avatar which you can see HERE.

On another angle.  It is odd how attached we get to these pictures isn't it?  These images have come to be us in-game, our projections of ourselves in many ways.

Which leads me to another post.  For now, fly safe.