Gamer Soup Radio

When I started doing commissions for Eve I was in a pretty stable stretch of time within the game.  For anyone that has been reading for any length of time knows, that is very unusual for me and it didn't last long.  That was fine for awhile, but things started catching up to me towards the end of the year.  Beginning around October, the added burdens of real life, mixed with the Death Race, the triple moves from Scalding Pass, to Impass, to Providence and then the war... well things got a little behind.  That is not how I do business.  Fortunately everyone was extremely understanding and incredibly patient.  I would like to thank everyone that has asked me to provide work for them, but especially those that managed to get mixed up in the end-of-the-year madness.  Your patience and understanding is very much appreciated.  Thank you.

I only have a few more minor things to finish up and already some new and exciting projects to contemplate.  As always, if you, your Corp or Alliance, or anyone else is looking for Eve related art, design, logos, wallpapers or anything else you can imagine - just drop me a line.  I charge incredibly low prices for the work I do because I do it for fun and fund.  It keeps me from having to rat and gives me time to blog more.

Ryan, from Gamer Soup Radio, was one of those caught up in the madness.  He asked me for a new banner for his site and I was only too happy to comply.  While GSR isn't strictly a "Eve" podcast, it covers many gaming related topics, it is a worthy addition to your podcasting library and I highly recommend it to you.

Gamer Soup Radio Banner

As is sometimes the case, I ended up giving Ryan a little more than he asked for.  The reason was simple, I wanted to start with the design for a can of soup and then do the banner.  The only way to do that was to do it.  So Ryan got a Wallpaper that he can use or not use as he sees fit.

Gamer Soup Radio Wallpaper