Looking Forward

Whew!  Finally, a chance to catch my breath and take a moment to think.  The last two or three weeks have been insane at home, work and in Eve. But now I have a whole new year to look forward to and in all aspects it really should be an extremely interesting year.  I won't bore you with the first two bits since we focus on the last one - Eve - mostly on this blog.  Believe me, the others aren't as interesting, well, at least to a mass audience.  Personally I find them very interesting.

I got some great feedback on the post before last and thanks to everyone that commented.  In the coming year I will continue to strive to provide the wide range of content my readers have become used to along with some surprises along the way.  I will also be sharing even more of the day-to-day workings of Rixx, Dion and Black-Mark, as we strive to build a new Alliance from scratch in Syndicate.  Yesterday's post is a good example of what you can expect more of, a semi-fictionalized story that I hope you found interesting.

The weekly 1v1 Funnies will be returning shortly.  And in black and white original.  I took a short break from the comic because of the Holiday schedule I was under and some major shake-up earth-shaking events that happened in my real life back in October.  Those events have settled somewhat now and I'll be getting back to a regular schedule on the Funnies and other things in the coming weeks.

In addition, the new Death Race will be announced officially in about two weeks, right around the one-year anniversary of Eveoganda.  So look for that.

And I also hope to be able to get back to a more regular commenting and reading on my fellow blogger's blogs.  I've been mostly keeping up, but no where near my normal level.  I apologize for that, but we've all been insane lately.

The Eveoganda Shop will also be getting a complete over-haul in the coming weeks.  I'm trashing every item in the Shop and starting over.  I'll announce those changes as they become available.  As I said when I launched the shop it was always a work-in-progress and I've learned a lot since then.  It's time to put some of that to work for charity.

I have other things planned that I'm keeping to myself and I'm sure other stuff will happen along the way that I can make fun of or complain about, or both.

It should be a very interesting year.