After two plus years of playing EVE, one plus year of writing in EVEOGANDA, one plus year of being in the greatest Corporation in the game, leading fleets of two to two-hundred, fighting the Sov Wars in multiple regions of lawless zero space, starting a new Alliance and everything else that I've managed to achieve in the game... what next?

Well I've decided.  Starting tomorrow I will be re-assuming control of LUCIFER'S HAMMER as CEO, joining Black-Mark and continuing to fight the battle of making the Alliance the best in all of New Eden.  My long-time compatriot, fellow wanderer and friend Angor Mau will be returning after his long stint as a Pirate and will be assuming his role as Deputy CEO.  It looks like we'll be starting off with about 12 pilots and will be looking to add more in the coming weeks.

WE ARE RECRUITING!  But we won't be looking for just anyone.  Membership will be kept small and strong.  Only 20+ million skill point pilots with a positive killboard need apply.  Our in-game channel is LUCRH HAMMER TIME and I encourage anyone looking for a tight knit group of dedicated killers to talk to me in-game.

We will be part of the Black-Mark Alliance, with Alliance Forums, dedicated TeamSpeak server and infra-structure to support the Corporation and Alliance.  We will be growing and fighting in Syndicate with more pew pew available than you could ask for.  We are increasingly becoming blue to our neighbors in the North, while maintaining our border standings with the Reds and Neutrals in the South.  This is the land of opportunity my friends.

This is your chance.  Once LUCRH reaches our goal, recruitment will be closed.  We want to keep this Corporation small, tight and deadly.  

I'm sure I'll be writing more about this in the coming days.  I'm excited about the future.  I think we can build something special not only in Lucifer's Hammer, but in the Alliance as well.