Patch Day Anticipation

The patch is downloading right now.  What am I waiting for?

Goodbye old boy, time for a new face!
Character Avatars!  Can't wait to dig into these and see how the new Rixx comes to life!  I created some new alts this week to test the new features out on, since normally Rixx doesn't have alts on his account.  (I still haven't figured out a good reason to have them.)  I also have Ana to deal with and her alts, she does have a few good reasons to have some.

New Nav Bar!  I heard we are getting a new nav bar thingie and it sounds kind of kewl. (Hmm, didn't see this mentioned in the update list, did I miss it?)

Incursions?  Ok maybe, I really doubt these will impact my life much in-game, but they might.  Either way I think they sound good and the improved AI of rats should be interesting.

Ummm.  We might be getting better explosions?  They're doing something or other to Eve Gate?  Y'know, I really should pay more attention.  6.7% downloaded... ok I have time to check out the updates link.

Oh yeah, new combat key commands and whatnots.  More stuff to learn!

Speaking of new stuff to learn, new contracts stuff to learn!  WoOt.  (And yes, this is tinged with slight sarcasm.  Slight.)

God-Rays?  Ok, this I have to see.

Eve Gate Voice.  Bleh.  We have a dedicated T3 server.  Although I can see instances where having an Eve Voice client that actually works will be good.  Not poo-pooing this.

Oh my, I can now run the game in windowed mode from the ESC menu!  That's awesome.

And lots of other stuff that I need more time to actually read.  Looks like some changes to the way modules are grouped might take some looking into.  And I noticed something about ships landing further away from Starbases when cyno'd in... this might be bad.

Grrr.  21.3%!  C'mon, download already.  How many more t2/t3 lines do I need?!?  lol.

I'm excited.  Heck, if it was JUST the new avatar creator I'd be excited.

Alright, I'm going to go watch the bar fill in and re-read the patch notes.  Gotta study, this is Eve!!  

Hmm, didn't see anything about being able to share bookmarks?  I was kind of hoping for this one, it sounded like a good idea.  Wonder where I heard that one?

Also, looks like we have a "grace-period" before our new avatars get locked down.  Whew.  This should help make things a little less stressful around the Javix house today.

What are you excited about?

PS: Ok that sucked.  First download failed during patch because it was corrupted apparently.  So here we go again.  Hopefully the second time is the charm.

PPS: Ok that sucks even harder.  Second download also failed.  Still no new patch. :(  Guess I'll go and try the manual download now, this happened with Dominion when the auto-patch failed numerous times.

Ok so the Mac patch isn't working.  Or is it?  The forums, which yes I did just read (sigh) are no help at all.  So I am downloading the manual patch and will try that.  This will either work fine, completely destroy my copy of Eve and force me to re-install the whole thing (like Dominion!) or work but be super buggy.  Depends on who you listen to in the Forums.

I don't enjoy the forums and try to stay away from them as much as possible.  I find them incredibly boring and useless to be honest.  All I know is this, when I logged into the game this morning it said an update was available.  I tried using that update twice (a process that has worked fine the previous three updates) and it failed to work.  Then I went looking for the manual patch and started downloading it from the Eve provided link that said it was ready to download.  It is now about halfway thru that process.

This all started 4 hours ago.  And counting.

UPDATE: Success!  (Sorry I didn't report that sooner, but I've been playing with the character generator thing.)  The manual download worked and Eve was successfully patched.  In total it took 5.5 hours from start to finish.  Certainly not the worst expansion experience (Dominion!) and not the easiest either (Tyrannis!) but not horrible or anything.  More later.