Tidbits & Tuesday Morsels

> We need a button that we can press during Avatar creation that STOPS THEM FROM MOVING AND BLINKING!!  Even just for a couple of seconds, sheesh.  All that blinking and moving is cool until you try to grab something and they keep moving.  So fix that please.

> Recruiting is going well.  I'd forgotten how much I don't enjoy some aspects of the process.  I do enjoy meeting new players when they are mature and have at least a modicum of humanity.  I don't enjoy the people that think extremely highly of themselves, or say they want to pew pew but then say they won't come to Syndicate because there is too much pew pew.  lol. Look guys, thanks and all but I am really only looking for a solid handful of pilots, so no biggie.  Either you get it or you don't. I want the people who get it.   I want to shoot the rest of you.

Oh, and to answer one question.  The Manifesto doesn't mean you have to "be" that person right this minute, it means you want more than anything to "be" that person.  Maybe you just never had the chance before.

> To all those that have sent me emails lately in regards to commissions, I will be getting back to you shortly.  Sorry about the delay, but between starting a new Corp, real life insanity, snow storms and monkeys (don't ask) I've fallen off the wagon a bit. But never fear.

> I bought a new Vagabond this morning and got it fitted up.  Bantering back and forth with Logan yesterday convinced me that I should give the ship another chance.  I do like the idea of it and perhaps I judged it too harshly based on a few bad experiences.  

> Oh and we have a new Lucifer's Hammer killboard up and running!

> I had another tidbit, but I think I'm gonna save it for a post later.

Fly safe.