What's in Your hanger? Part Three

Seeing as how things have finally settled down since the move to The Syndicate from Impass, I thought it might be time for a new "What's in Your Hanger?" post.  I do these every so often because they are fun, plus it is an interesting way to track progress in the game.  Since I don't have any ships that I can't fly.  Plus I'll share my names for 'em, some are silly, some are thoughtful and some have different meanings.

Every ship in my hanger is fully fitted, with ammo and drones loaded and ready to go at a moments notice.

(In order of Sort By Type)

"Rust Belt" - This is my trusty Jaguar, which I used to kill a few ships last night.  It's shield booster fitted.

"Elecktra" - This is a super-secret Drake fit that I've been working on and I can't tell you anything more about it right now.

"Serious Business" - My standard Drake, which has been named Serious Business for two years now.

"Last Race" - My Harbinger, pulse fitted. It's named Last Race because Amarr is the last race I have to train.

"Long Train" - My Hurricane.  Named that because it took awhile to train for it.

"Yarp!" - My Dominix tank of Doom.

"Bubba Hump" - My Megathron, blaster fitted with plates for armor Logi supported fleets.

"Hurt Wagon" - My other Megathron, dual rep blasters!

"Carnarvon" - My Curse.  Named after Lord Carnarvon who funded Carter's expedition to dig up King Tut's tomb, Lord Carnarvon died from a mosquito bite and started the legend of the curse.

"Terrapin" - My Nighthawk.  In honor of Syd Barrett.

"Florin's Envy" - My Sleipnir.  Named after a corp m8 who hated me because I could fly one before him.

"Borrowed Time" - A cheap Blackbird ECM boat.  All ECM ships live on borrowed time.

"Devil Dog" - My Cynabal.  Cause it looks cool.

"Pinhead" - My Phantasm, which I'll probably never get to fly.  Named for obvious influence.

"Butt Head" - My cheap Cruiser Vexor, just in case I ever need one.

"Toast" - My properly fit Falcon.  Again, ECM boats don't live long do they?

"MECCA" - My PIlgrim.  And you can probably figure this one out yourself.

"Stretch" - My Rapier.  Long point?

"Murdock" - My Daredevil, which is still alive since the last post.  Obvious comic book reference.

"Giger" - One of my two Dramiels, each fit slightly different.  This one is for fleets of 5 or more.

"Ripley" - The other Dramiel, this one fit for fleets of 5 or less.  They're both named after the "Alien" influence in their design, H.R. Giger the artist behind the movie's design and the name of the lead character in the films.

"Touch It" - A sniper Eagle, can reach out and touch you for pitiful damage at 200k.  I fit it up the other day because I was bored.

"Kanai" - My pulse AHAC Zealot.  Kanai is Hebrew for zealot.  ( I also keep an unfitted spare, for iskies if needed or another Zealot if I lose this one.  Kanai was the Zealot CCP returned to me when the game bug kilt it and I won my petition.)

"gosh" - A stupid Badger MkII I need to help keep the POS Towers fueled.

"#27" - A Crow.  My Crow's have been named in order, this is Crow #27.

"Mad Max" - My Taranis.  Named after the obvious design influence.

"No Name" - My new Flycatcher.  Couldn't come up with anything clever.

"Stonewall" - My new Sabre!!  Sabre made me think of Stonewall Jackson, which seemed gosh darn appropriate.

"G'Damn Basterd" - My Manticore.  All my Manti's have the word Basterd in them, because they are and also in memory of an old failed Corp.  (I also have a spare Manti, for iskies if needed or backup when this one explodes.)

"Division Bell" - And finally my Tengu.  This name also has two meanings, it is in honor of Pink Floyd obviously, but I also thought it extremely appropriate because you can "divide" T3 ships up and change out their parts.

That's my hanger.  33 ships counting EVEOGANDA the Shuttle I keep around.  (Yes, all my shuttles are named after the blog, I figure a little advertising while I fly around is ok.)

So, what's in your hanger?