2 Weird Kills

Weird Kill One

Three of us decided to put up a drag bubble and see if we could catch anything, nothing else was going on at the time and none of us had the time for a roam.  It wasn't long before this Cheetah started appearing in local.  I honestly didn't think much about it, since all he had to do was avoid our bubble and jump thru the gate.

A couple of minutes go by and he just appears next to the Gate.  I figure it's futile but I might as well start towards him in my Vaga.  I punch it since I'm about 42k away from him, lock him up and start shooting.  All the while I'm expecting him to just jump thru the Gate and be done with it.  He doesn't, he doesn't even yellow box me.  Before I can blink he explodes.

A kill is a kill, but still... all he had to do was jump.  Very odd.  He was cyno fit, so maybe that had something to do with it.  Or maybe he landed at the Gate and his house caught on fire?

Weird Kill Two

So we kept moving the bubbles around as our gang grew to more pilots.  Not much was going on when eventually this Hurricane landed in one of the drag bubbles.  He was obviously dead, although there were 4 or 5 members of his Corp in local that could have come to back him up... they didn't.  That isn't the weird bit though, once we got him locked up and started shooting, HE EJECTED.

Yep that's right his pod just popped right out.  Now here is the really weird part, I thought maybe he was trying to protect implants or something so that's why he ejected... but he never moved!  He just sat there next to the ship and let us pod him.  Very strange.  The even odder bit is who this guy is, look him up, he has over 3,200 kills.

You never know what you'll see next in Eve.