I'll admit it.  When I discovered my new found "criminal" powers yesterday I had some fun with it.  Yes, yes, I jumped into hi-sec and watched the Cops spawn right in front of me, burned back to the Gate and jumped back into low-sec... about 12x!!

Ok, maybe not exactly 12, but pretty close.  The whole time I'm laughing... laughing while playing Eve.  Not the most common reaction to this odd, messed up game of ours.  And yes, before you ask the obvious, I am having a blast.

It isn't about being a criminal, or a pirate, or a null space soldier... it's about being a fighter.  A warrior if you will.  This is the place that I have gotten to in my growth as a pilot in Eve.  I realized this last night, flying along in a gang made up mostly of Tuskers - I'm having fun.  And I know that everyone's definition of fun is different and I respect that.  Somehow lots of people seem to enjoy carebearing and managing Sov mechanics for their overlord masters, like I said, I respect that.  In fact I encourage it.  Otherwise I wouldn't get a chance at kills like this one.

I made it clear to my Corporation that we are not pirates, that we are not null space soldiers, carebears, mission-runners, industrialists, miners... we are fighters.  The attitude that I would like Lucifer's Hammer to have is simple - if there is a fight to be had, we're in it.  Plain and simple.  I have worked hard to put this Corporation into a position where that is not only possible, but encouraged.  Rote Kapelle gives us that opportunity, to lead the life of dual-citizenship.  To have the power of a great Alliance behind us and access to both worlds of combat within Eve.  They say that Corporations take on the persona of the man in charge and I agree.  I don't consider myself a pirate or a null space soldier, I'm a fighter.  I enjoy player vs player combat in all its forms.  That's what I like most about Eve.

I enjoy other parts of Eve as well, this isn't some juvenile 'I only play my way' philosophy, so don't even start with that.  I've been playing for over two years now and this is simply the next stage in that career.  Where it goes and what happens next is a daily adventure told in explosions and fire.  Like this and this.

So Rixx won't be coming to hi-sec much anymore.  Luckily I've been training Ana for the last year and a half for just this very moment, so she can take the brunt of the work that needs done for me in Empire.  So goodbye hi-sec bits, I never really spent much time there anyway.  Except to fly thru you to more interesting bits.  

Less secure is my route now.

[ PS: Oh and if any of this seems like your alley, please join LUCRH HAMMER TIME channel and talk to us about killing things with Lucifer's Hammer!  It's a big hammer.]